Thanks to all the patients who have shared their personal story about surgery.

Elizabeth - Real Story

Elizabeth’s Breast Augmentation in USA

Elizabeth before her breast augmentation I had my breast augmentation in December 2013, at Georgia Plastic Surgery in Atlanta Georgia. I am 23 years old (I was 22 when I had surgery) and 5’11” tall weighing 160 lbs….

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Alison's breast reduction

Alison’s Breast Reduction with Dr Graham Sellars

Alison says she’s always had larger breasts and even developed osteo-arthritis from the pressure it put on her back. She says it caused huge physical and practical issues most of her life. After years of yoyo dieting and two children, Alison had…

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Michael’s Rhinoplasty almost a year ago - great nose job!

Michael’s Rhinoplasty – great nose job!

Michael had rhinoplasty last year. He sent us a couple of photos this week and made the comment of how different it actually is when you look at the photos. After first having it done he didn’t really feel there was a…

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Leannes Multiple Procedures

Leanne’s Multiple Procedures with Dr Gavin Sandercoe

Leanne’s Multiple Procedures

Leanne has had a bit of a journey when it comes to the procedures she needed after massive weight loss and had her first surgery in May 2018 where she had a breast lift and inner…
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Siobhan Dr Goh Featured Image

Siobhan’s Rhinoplasty with Dr Raymond Goh

Dr Raymond Goh Siobhan wasn’t happy with the aesthetic appearance of her nose but it turns out she had broken cartilage that would have happened as a child that had affected the appearance of her nose. Siobhan found…

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Hannahs rhinoplasty

Hannah’s Rhinoplasty with Dr Terrence Scamp

Hannah says she was bullied because of her nose throughout high school but waited until she was in her 20’s before she knew she was definitely making the decision to change it for herself, not for anyone else. Hannah says it got…

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Chloe's Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty - new nose and breast

Chloe’s New Nose and Breasts with Dr Jeremy Hunt

Chloe had a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation with Dr Jeremy Hunt in Edgecliff, NSW. Her journey was ultimately successful, however Chloe has some awesome insights that might help others looking at similar procedures. Having a highly regarded surgeon such as Dr Jeremy…

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Kathy's Weight Loss Journey

Kathy Parrey – Her Weight Loss Journey

Amazing women are everywhere. Here’s a story of one of them. Kathy’s come a long way to achieving her goals. It wasn’t too long ago she was riddled with pain in her back, knees and hips and barely able to function on…

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Uti's Breast Augmentation

Uti – Breast Augmentation – Real Story

“It’s a radical thing to do so think about it before you go under the knife.” Uti decided to have breast augmentation surgery because she decided to go to Japan and work as an exotic stripper. It was great money and allowed…

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Amelia's Breast Augmentation

Boob Job helps Amelia with her female transition

I recently spent the day with one of the funnest, funniest, loveliest, sweetest souls, Amelia, and her amazing boyfriend Josh. Already in such a short time, they’ve both captured a part of my heart. Amelia identifies as a transgender female, as she…

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Lisa's Mummy Makeover

Lisa’s Mummy Makeover with Dr Nicholas Moncrieff

Lisa is a nurse, a mum of 3 and after finishing her family and losing some weight, she chose Newcastle’s Dr Nicholas Moncrieff, for her mummy makeover. She shared her story with us.

Dr Joseph Rizk

Dr Joseph Rizk Explains Breast Explant Procedure

Breast Explant with Dr Joseph Rizk – What does it look like after implant removal surgery? Dr Joseph Rizk explains breast explant procedure, also referred to as a breast implant removal, which is becoming much more popular in recent years. Dr Rizk…

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Vaginal Mesh

Vaginal Mesh – A Horror Story from a Patient

After having 3 children that involved long and involved labours, Kim had extensive pelvic organ prolapse which caused her significant physical issues. Kim’s doctor at the time suggested a new product “Vaginal Mesh” would solve all her problems. From the moment she…

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The Mummy Makeover - Carley's Journey

The Mummy Makeover – Carley’s Journey

Carley is a mum of 3, nurse and self-described “wellness junkie” based in Newcastle. After losing almost half her body weight, she did her research and chose to see Dr Nick Moncrieff from Hunter Plastic Surgery in Newcastle to talk about her…

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breast fat transfer augmentation

Lindsay’s Breast Fat Transfer Augmentation

Lindsay knew she wanted plastic surgery after she finished breastfeeding her fourth child. Having lost a lot of confidence as a result of being unhappy with what her breasts looked like, Lindsay found Plastic Surgeon Dr Rohit Kumar and after discussing her…

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facelift patient

Real Facelift Patient Recovery with Dr Jack Zoumaras

Gina* recently had a facelift and fat grafts with Dr Jack Zoumaras, Specialist Plastic Surgeon from Sydney. Gina is not her real name, and we’ve changed it because as successful businesswoman Gina would rather not everyone knew all her beauty secrets! However,…

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Amanda's Transformation

Amanda’s Transformation with Dr Justin Perron – Part 2

We’ve been lucky enough to follow Amanda’s Transformation journey from her first procedures with Dr Justin Perron, Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Brisbane, QLD, to her last lot earlier this year. Amanda lost a massive amount of weight – 96kg! after bariatric surgery,…

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Breast Implant Removal and Replacement

Lauren’s Breast Implant Replacement Patient Story

Meet Lauren, an employee of Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery who is 34 years of age. With her previous breasts feeling and looking uneven with a hardening on one side after previous implants 10 years ago, Lauren started looking into the possibility of…

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Diary of a tummy tuck patient day 7

The Diary of a Tummy Tuck Patient Day 7

So people, as today’s it’s been exactly a week since I had my Apronectomy done so here’s my update on how I’m doing for those of you following. So, after 4 nights in hospital was let out Sunday and home bound much…

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aura’s Breast Lift Patient Story with Dr Briggs

Laura’s Breast Lift Patient Story with Dr Briggs

Breast Lift Patient Story Laura’s Breast Lift Patient Story. She had always disliked her saggy, long boobs and finally decided to have a mastopexy or breast lift with Dr Patrick Briggs, Specialist Plastic Surgeon now in Melbourne VIC with Coco Ruby Plastic…

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Jennifer’s Facelift with Dr Bryan Mendelson

Jennifer’s Facelift with Dr Bryan Mendelson

I love love loved speaking with Jen today! It can be difficult to get people to share their facelift experiences with others – because really most of us don’t want anyone to know when we’ve had a facelift – it’s pretty personal….

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Labiaplasty - VIE Institute

Katie’s Labiaplasty Patient Story with Dr Mark McGovern

Katie’s shares her labiaplasty patient story. There are a few reasons why you might consider a labiaplasty. Whether it’s genetics, trauma or childbirth, having a labia that you’re not comfortable with can be extremely debilitating. Dr Mark McGovern from VIE Institute on…

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Jen's breast implant removal

Why I removed my breast implants after 27 years

Lately, there’s been a lot of media attention on women removing their implants. There are various reasons as to why they are being removed, and whilst it’s a deeply personal thing, Jennifer wanted to share her story with us all so that…

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Joelinda's gender affirmation journey

Joelinda’s Gender Affirmation Journey

TRISH HAMMOND: Great, well I’m really excited because I’m here today with Joelinda. Joelinda is actually from Brisbane and she has got a fantastic story to share. I really wanted to get Joelinda; we’ve been trying to and fro to make sure…

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Thigh Liposuction

My Thigh Liposuction with Dr Paul Quinn

Haya tells us about her surgery experience where she had liposuction to her thighs. The surgery was performed by Dr Paul Quinn in Perth WA. After years of struggling with the size of my thighs I decided to undergo liposuction to the…

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Melissa'a Mummy Makeover

Melissa’s Full Mummy Makeover Patient Story

When we have children our bodies change. Except for those few lucky ones who bounce back straight away, the majority of us find that for one reason or another, our bodies are different to what they were before kids. A lot of…

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Nicole's Breast Lift & Tummy Tuck

Nicole’s Breast Surgery & Tummy Patient Story

Six years after having twins, Nicole decided it was her time to do something for herself. She’d been thinking of having surgery to give her boobs some lift back and perhaps get rid of some of the extra weight that didn’t seem…

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Renee's Story - Tuberous Breasts

Renee’s Tuberous Breasts Patient Story

[quote]”I work as a nurse in an operating theatre and see breast enhancement procedures every day”[/quote] Renee is 26 years old and works as a nurse in an operating theatre. She had what is commonly referred to as ‘snoopy breasts’. Snoopy breasts…

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Michael - Rhinoplasty - Real Story

Michael’s Rhinoplasty Patient Story

Michael’s Story – Rhinoplasty “I am very happy with the way my nose is starting to look” Michael is a 32 year old male who has had long term breathing problems. In addition to this medical condition he had been unhappy with…

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