Liz’s Brow Lift with Dr Terrence Scamp, Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Liz's Brow Lift
Lizs Brow Lift
Dr Terrence Scamp, Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Liz’s brow lift with Dr Terrence Scamp, Plastic Surgeon based at Esteem Medispa on the Gold Coast QLD. Liz had an endoscopic brow lift, upper blepharoplasty and some fat grafting (taken from her tummy and transferred to her face).

Liz says her heavier lids were making it difficult to put on eye make-up and was suffering from headaches and migraines, which disappeared after her surgery! Liz opens up about her experience and how wonderful Dr Scamp was throughout her journey.

You can learn more about Dr Scamp on his website.

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