Brittany’s Breast Augmentation with Dr Nicholas Moncrieff

Brittany's Breast Augmentation

There’s always a story behind a woman’s decision to have surgery. We asked Brittany about her reasons for seeking a breast augmentation and her overall experience with Dr Nicholas Moncrieff and the team at Hunter Plastic Surgery in Newcastle.

Why did you choose to have surgery?

I am quite athletic so having no breasts meant I never felt like I fit into clothes properly. I lacked feeling feminine which really effected my self-confidence.

Brittany's Breast AugmentationHow did you feel before your surgery and what was involved in the planning leading up to the surgery?

My first appointment at Hunter Plastic Surgery was with Jessica for a Vectra simulation. I’ve always wanted more curves and volume to fit the rest of my frame, but I didn’t know what size to go. But Jess really listened and helped me find a size that would suit me. Being able to see this with the machine was great.

How did you find you experience with Dr Moncrieff?

He answered all my questions and just made me feel at ease from start to finish. I felt supported and informed of all the stages and he understood the results I wanted to achieve.

Brittany's Breast AugmentationHow do you feel after surgery?

So much more confident, I love going shopping now and buying new clothes. Summer is so much more fun now with bikinis because I don’t feel like a boy anymore. I’m so happy with my results and have an all-round more confidence.

The experience was so worth it, from the Vectra simulation to the appointments with Dr Moncrieff and aftercare. I would definitely recommend Hunter Plastic Surgery if you are thinking about having a breast augmentation.

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Brittany's Breast Augmentation

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