Vectra 3D Imaging – See your “After” pic before surgery – Visualise Your Results

Australians are estimated to spend over $1 Billion on Aesthetic Treatments every year. They also estimate that dermal filler injections have seen a 25% growth in the last year.

Not only this  “Australia’s per capita spend on cosmetic treatments is amongst the highest, if not the highest, globally. This is in major part due to the impact of the hard sunny climate.”  Aesthetic Treatments combined with good Cosmetic surgery can transform your whole outlook and enhance your image as perceived by others. Vectra 3D imaging is a tool that allows patients to visualise the results of their surgery before their actual procedure takes place.

Vectra imaging is mostly used in breast enhancement but is also regularly used for rhinoplasty, chin augmentation and facial contouring.

The VECTRA® 3D imaging system is used to help you make the right choices regarding your cosmetic procedure. VECTRA’s three-dimensional computer models show you side-by-side, simulated before-and-after images. It allows you to preview options for your surgical results.

Advantages of Vectra 3D imaging

  • Increases confidence in patients to know what they might look like after a cosmetic surgery procedure.
  • Allows you to work with the surgeon in understanding what outcomes and results you are looking for and what might suit your needs.
  • Simulations you see are of your own body.

Why should you choose Vectra imaging?

The process is very simple and quick. The camera takes your photo from multiple angles using several cameras. Once the images have been processed by dynamic imaging software, the machine then turns the photo into a 3D image that can be viewed from different angles on a monitor. If you are planning to have a breast augmentation, you can view the image using different implant types and sizes that suits your figure the best. This revolutionary procedure also helps your surgeon to make the right decision concerning the final result and the best implant to use to achieve it.

Patients say that being able to see an image of the actual changes they are considering greatly increases their confidence and reassurance. It is important to note that actual results can vary due to factors such as your tissue quality and healing ability.”

How about nose jobs?

For those who are not satisfied with the size and shape of their noses, you can turn to Vectra 3D imaging to help design the nose of your dreams. The software allows you to increase or decrease the size of your nose, straighten the nasal bridge, narrow the tip, or even reposition bone structure to display what alterations will be most effective for your nose.

Vectra 3D imaging is a great option

Before the advent of Vectra, cosmetic surgeons were using ‘chicken fillet’ silicone sizers to determine the implant size. The method, which called for silicon sizers to be placed inside a bra, was often inaccurate and did not give the patient a visual aid of what their breasts would look like without a bra.

The entire process takes only a few minutes, and you will have the opportunity to review the results during your initial consultation. At that time you can request alternative simulations to be sure you are comfortable with the recommended surgical plan.

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