Top Facelift Surgeons USA

TOP FACIAL SURGEONS IN USA FOR FACELIFTS Dr Andrew Jacono, MD, FACS Location: New York, New York. Andrew Jacono is a global authority in the field of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. As one of New York City’s premier plastic surgeons, Dr…

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Top Plastic Surgeons in USA for Breast Surgery

TOP BREAST SURGEONS IN USA Dr William P. Adams Jr. MD Location: University Park, Texas. Adams is an international authority on not only breast augmentation but also breast implant research. His approach to breast augmentation surgery has significantly enhanced the overall patient…

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bullhorn lip lift

About Dr Jack Zoumaras – The Face Sculptor

Facelifts are one of those things you want to get right. If your surgeon gets it wrong, there’s nowhere to hide. Luckily, we have some AMAZING facelift surgeons right here in Australia, where surgeon training is on par with the best in…

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About Dr Naveen Somia, Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Meet Dr Naveen Somia, he is one of Australia’s most well-respected plastic surgeons based in Bondi Junction and Bella Vista in Sydney. Always at industry conferences and known for his precise and beautiful patient results, we had a chance to ask Dr…

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About Dr Johnny Kwei Sydney Plastic Surgeon

I actually first met Dr Johnny Kwei a few years ago and so was really happy to meet up with him at the recent Breast Masters Symposium. As well as being a genuinely lovely person, Dr Johnny now has a busy, well-respected…

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About Celebrity USA Plastic Surgeon Dr Subbio

At Breast Masters 2018 in Sydney, I got the opportunity to chat with Dr Christian Subbio who is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon from the USA. Dr Subbio ‘met’ Australia’s own Dr Miroshnik on Instagram where he’d seen this “aussie doctor doing…

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Dr Anh Nguyen

About Dr Anh Nguyen – Getting Your Moio Back

So many women aren’t happy with what they see when they look into the mirror, me included! Plastic Surgeon, Dr Anh Nguyen, used to be one of those profile as well. Dr Anh said she grew up extremely insecure with her appearance….

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Dr Justin Perron

About Dr Justin Perron. Brisbane Plastic Surgeon

About Dr Justin Perron – Brisbane Plastic Surgeon Dr Justin Perron is a Canadian-born cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon who obtained his extensive training in Australia. He studied Biochemistry and Chemistry at the University of Calgary in Canada before heading to Australia for…

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Dr Rohit Kumar

About Dr Rohit Kumar, Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Dr Rohit Kumar is an expert in breast and body surgery, in particular Breast Augmentation, Abdominoplasty and Mummy Makeovers. His Wife’s Dental Practice also offers Cosmetic Dentistry (this is a great first in the industry!) and non-surgical treatments at their Medispa such…

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