About Dr Lisa Friederich, Sydney Plastic Surgeon Talks Photography and Solving Problems!

Lisa Friederich - A woman's touch

We’d like to introduce you to a wonderful plastic surgeon based in Sydney NSW, Dr Lisa Friederich. Lisa believes surgery is an art form and strives to produce more natural looking results. She has an innate understanding that each client is individual and has different needs and identifies how to produce the desired results.

Lisa took time out of her busy life to chat to us about the things that matter in her life, and how she became to be such a successful plastic surgeon in an industry often dominated by men.

We ask Lisa what else she does apart from plastic surgery. “I love spending time with my daughter and two dogs; drawing; black and white photography; travel and travel photography- big cities and their architecture are my favourite places to visit and photograph. I also love reading (crime and science fiction books); cooking; and love watching Masterchef Australia and The Great British Bakeoff.

“I have a strong artistic background and designed my butterfly logo whilst an art student many years ago- the brief was Transformation and my inspiration was MC Escher. I am a mother to an adult daughter and completed all of my training as a single parent- although her father is now one of my very best friends.”

So, has Lisa always lived in Sydney? “I grew up in Perth, but moved to Sydney 4 years ago. I studied at the University of Western Australia in Perth.”

We asked Lisa what inspired her to become a surgeon. “Surgery is problem oriented. You define the problem, consider the solution and then you fix it! It is procedure based and allows me to use my hands.

“Plastic surgery is different to other types of surgeries in that every case is unique, whether it be reconstructive or cosmetic in nature. By necessity it requires some thought and individualisation. Details and finesse are important and it enables me to incorporate my artistic background.”

Lisa completed her Fellowship examination in May 2014, and spent the remainder of that year completing research and travelling overseas to visit international surgeons and attend conferences. However, she has been operating in hospitals for much longer, first working in Plastic Surgery as a junior doctor in 2002 and then as a registrar in 2003.

So, what has been Lisa’s biggest career milestone to date? Lisa responds, “My first facelift! I had the opportunity to visit the very well regarded Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr Timothy Marten in San Francisco and The Lasky Clinic in Beverly Hills beforehand to gain additional experience. I was fortunate to be able to return to San Franscisco for a second visit a few weeks after I had operated on my patient to fortify and finesse my technique.”

“I enjoy all the different surgeries I do, but Facial surgery is particularly enjoyable. I’ve always enjoyed facial analysis. The most rewarding part of my job is happy patients! Knowing that my work has significantly improved their quality of life is the best part of being a plastic surgeon. I also enjoy working within a team and love the operating theatre environment, where I have formed some strong friendships.”

One of the things we always like to ask surgeons is what advice would they give someone looking to undergo major cosmetic surgery? Lisa says, “Being well informed and happy with your decision is essential. Making sure you are seeking surgery for you, and not to please someone else. Be happy and comfortable with your surgeon, trust that you can have an open discussion with them and that their interest is in helping you- not selling to you. An essential factor to all cosmetic surgery is to have realistic expectations.”

What about someone under the age of 18 wanting cosmetic surgery? “The increased pressure of social media and awareness of plastic surgery has perhaps resulted in a higher demand for cosmetic surgery in this age group. Social media can impact on all age groups of course, but those who are younger often have less robust coping mechanisms and maturity. It is not just maturity that is relevant as the we haven’t finished growing, especially the breasts and face, so surgery is less predictable. There are some significant conditions that really do warrant intervention though, and in theses cases a frank discussion with the patient and their parents is essential.”

Here at Plastic Surgery Hub we are always stressing how important after surgery care is. We always make sure any surgeons we have on our website also consider this part of the journey essential for a patient’s overall journey. Lisa had this to say on the topic. “Post operative care and support is an integrated part of my practice. This postoperative phase is as important as the operation to achieve the best results. Routine follow up appointments are scheduled when booking surgery, and additional appointments are made as necessary. I maintain a flexible timetable for follow up as patients have different needs and commitments.”

We love Lisa, not least because she’s a strong, successful, single parent; but also because her patients absolutely love her and she is awesome at what she does. Lisa’s work speaks for itself. If you’d like more information on Lisa go here, or if you’d like to arrange a consult to see how she can help you phone her directly on 1300DrLisa.