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Jake Lim

November, 2014


Hello there, to those ladies doing their research about venturing into the world of cosmetic surgery for the purpose of enhancing their physical appearance, along with heightening their self-esteem.

This true testimonial is written by me, as a previous patient of Dr Jake Lim (plastic surgeon). It brings me both pleasure and a sense of pride, to have this opportunity to express my total satisfaction and happiness that I can truly attribute to the fantastic results from the gifted hands of Dr Jake Lim.

My story so far…

My name is Julie; I am now 47yrs old with an even bigger smile on my face. It actually all started with me saying to myself after I had my 3rd child by Caesarean, when I have finished paying the hands on costs of raising my children, I will have my body repaired back to pre- baby appearance and this was now, something just for me. YES, you guessed it my last child just finished the HSC. This body I must say is looking pretty fabulous.

Back in May 2011, after I too had done my research, I went to see Dr Jake Lim for the first time about having a Breast Augmentation. Upon my initial visit, I was greeted by genuinely nice office staff (Robyn, just to name one), whilst sitting there I was quite pleasantly surprised to see how popular he is. Then I got to meet the man himself, he was very attentive to me when I was describing what I was wanting and I found Dr Lim very easy to talk to, I was also extremely impressed with what he had to say, recommend & finally that I could get a YES and a fixed price on that very first visit.

Naturally I paid what I would call “a very low deposit” to secure my booked surgery date. On this point I would like to add there is such flexibility to both the process of booking and payment options.

Next; it was off to the next room, to meet Catherine, she is Dr Lim’s nurse. This woman is amazing, so happy, and bubbly and expresses such genuine excitement for your decision. Catherine has a multitude of experience, as a fully qualified nurse in the private practice world, the hospital setting including Anaesthetics, all the patients that have come to Dr Lim over the years and most importantly as a woman and mother that understands about body image.

Finally the big day came…its quite funny looking back on it now, remembering how I was feeling extremely excited and yet a little nervous too, which was quite unnecessary considering I am a Registered Nurse with a vast amount of clinical knowledge on Hospitals, Anaesthetics and Surgery. But I had complete trust in Dr Lim & his team. This was a “day surgery” procedure. It went perfectly and the follow up care I received was second to none. So, on that note, when I went for my last review, I mentioned to Dr Lim that I was interested in seeing if my old Caesarean scar could be fixed. He stated “of course, that’s part of my body sculpturing procedures”   so once again my smile grew even bigger.

So once again the journey of being one of Dr Jake Lim’s patients was set again. As I sit here today, in my own home pain free (just follow his specific instructions) just 2wks post-op from Abdominal Surgery, I am more than happy to share my experience with you all out there. Stay tuned to each of the sites I post this to, for my testimonial on my progression.

Below is a summary of how to get that same biggest smile on your face. It’s so simple!

  • Get a referral from your GP for Dr Jake Lim
  • Make the initial appointment
  • Go to the initial appointment, meet him & his fabulous staff
  • Discuss your needs, wants, fears & expectations
  • Book a date, pay the deposit
  • Get excited counting down to the date
  • HAVE THE PROCEDURE… follow every single pre and post op instruction
  • Look in the mirror and see the biggest smile

Finally, I wish to take this opportunity once again, to thank all of Dr Lim’s staff at both of his practices and associated hospitals, But most of all to Dr Jake Lim himself; thankyou, you are truly a talented surgeon with the most gifted hands and kindest manner I have been blessed to come into my life.

Written kindly by Julie