About Dr Kourosh Tavakoli – An Inside Look Into His Practice…

Dr Kourosh Tavakoli

About Dr Kourosh Tavakoli

I think I always think for me is being critical. I’m very critical of myself. I always want to be better and always think that the standard I’ve set… I need to go higher. I’m trying to improve myself and think about how I can improve outcome. I guess that kind of shows in my work. A big thing about my practice is selection. Huge thing that’s happened in the past three years. We have now a far more stringent selection process. I’ve picked the ones that I think are suitable that I’m happy to put the time and give them my expertise and my time to make them look amazing. Before if you’re operating on every Tom, Dick and Harry, you are going to get yourself in a situation where you’re going to do inappropriate operations on people who don’t need plastic surgery. They probably need something else to fix them up in life. Then that leads to huge proportionally bad outcomes.

The biggest problem in a cosmetic practice is expectation failure. If you fix expectation failure from the outset, not at the end when the person is operated on, lying on the couch saying, “I’m not happy,” you’re always behind the eight ball. If you say to that person from the outset, “I’m not going to operate on you. I’m really sorry for wasting your time. This is your consult feedback. Just go.” You’re a bigger person in the long-term. I think just be transparent with your patients. I think with our social media, we’re very transparent. We just put our things out there. They come and see your work. It’s like your exhibition. You’ve got a 24-hour exhibition on social media inside the space to look at your work. They don’t like you, don’t like the way you look and talk, then I’ll come to you.

You already have your following, I guess. The days of your opening the door and meeting the plastic surgeon for the first time and going, “Oh my god.” It’s all gone because people come to me. They know me. They’ve seen me. They know how I talk, walked and operate and my results are … They’ve self-selected themselves, which is great because then I will then select them to be on the team. Once they’re on the team, we’re going to do what we have to do. I want to give them everything for selecting me. That is my gratitude and as my duty to do that.

Yeah. All spectrum breast surgery, I do. The whole spectrum, which is breast augmentation, lift. I do a lot of tuberous correction, a lot of fat graft based. A lot of my surgery is fat graft based using implants and using some sorts of alloderm. We do a whole spectrum of technique. Mummy makeovers, which entails breast and tummy. Just got a good following of patients with rhinoplasty only because I enjoy doing it. Not a huge number, but a good solid number of cases. Yeah, we enjoy doing it again keeping the numbers to a nice boutique style. One a week or maybe two a week maximum. The absolute maximum is two a week. They’re time consuming and they’re very finesse related. You can’t do many of them. I enjoy doing one or two. I think patients enjoy the fact that you put effort into that case. There’s no mass production there.

I’ve got a little following of patients who need a bit of female genital surgery. I’ve enjoyed doing a bit of labiaplasty. Again, it’s a niche practice I’ve had for 13 years from the outset and I’ve kept that. It’s good. I’ve got an all around practice, but it’s mainly breast-related and body contouring. A bit of everything else to tie with it.