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Dr Anh Nguyen

So many women aren’t happy with what they see when they look into the mirror, me included! Plastic Surgeon, Dr Anh Nguyen, used to be one of those profile as well. Dr Anh said she grew up extremely insecure with her appearance. Her journey to self-acceptance has been a lifelong process, what with pregnancy and life along the way. BUT she is now at a point where she’s confident and has a healthy sense of self-love. Dr Anh explains why she understands her patients, “gets it” and wants people to know it’s ok to invest in themselves. It’s kind of like getting your mojo back with Dr Anh.

Awareness of “beauty” starts early

Dr Anh Nguyen with Trish

Dr Anh grew up believing she wasn’t pretty enough or skinny enough, like so many women around the world. Teen magazines and indeed most media projects that the ideal is like the models that appear in their pages or on screens. Dr Anh says, “I used to hate my chiselled jawline and disliked my side profile, particularly in photos. Ironically that contoured jawline and neckline is something deemed attractive and desirable in today’s age.
Like lots of other young women, I seriously idolised the Dolly Magazine cover models. I wanted to be as beautiful, as skinny and as popular as they were.”

It wasn’t until she started in private practice that Dr Anh had a dermal therapist teach her about makeup, introduce her to a hairstylist and worked on her skin and brows that she was opened up to the world of nonsurgical cosmetic enhancements. “Gradually I began to like what I saw in the mirror. I began to feel more confident. I began to like having my photo taken. And from that confidence, I became a happier person as I was not afraid to socialise and I stopped feeling like I wasn’t good enough. I began to love getting dressed up and enjoyed shopping for the first time.

“It is strange and I cannot explain it, but the transformation from slight physical tweaks gradually and progressively translated to greater confidence and happiness. The most important thing it gave me was freedom. I was free from being self-critical. I was free to wear what I liked. I was free of worrying I wasn’t good enough or pretty enough because it did not matter. I felt comfortable in my own skin.”

Pregnancy can put a dent in the road

Of course, like many women, this can change after we have children and Dr Anh is no different. Although she says she did bounce back after her first child… it was after her second and third that she started doubting herself again.

Dr Anh Nguyen

What Dr Anh describes is something a lot of women go through. Whether it’s because of society’s expectations that the more polished we are the more successful we must be, or the increase in selfies and social media, the image we project to the world has never been more public. And yet it can be hard, when we are surrounded by airbrushed and photoshopped images of models and celebrities, to feel like we are holding our own.

What we need to remember, is that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and there is nothing more important than the beauty that radiates from the inside, from your soul. Having said that, we agree with Dr Anh that a little helping hand along the way can do wonders for your self-esteem. If you feel like you look good, you will feel good and vice versa.

Dr Anh says, “I came to the realisation not long ago that I think I am finally at a stage in my life where I am not as physically perfect as I was before the 3 children, but I’m comfortable, I’m happy, I’m more confident than I have ever been.

“Of course I am not settling with how I look as I believe it is important to be the best version of myself, to nourish and maintain beautiful skin and stay lean, strong and fit. This helps me in surgery and helps me run around with my kids. So when patients ask me do I understand, my response is “yes, I get it.” I totally understand how important it is for men and women to not feel self-conscious about something that bothers them. I totally appreciate how these insecurities can affect so many facets of their lives. I feel privileged to be able to help address those concerns and hold their hand along the journey to find their mojo – and live their life with confidence.”

If you’d like more information on Dr Anh Nguyen check out her website, or if you’d like to arrange a consult give her clinic a call on 08 9322 2659. You can also read more about Dr Anh and her story here.

Dr Anh’s Medispa in Perth is frequented by a who’s who of Perth and should definitely be at the top of your list to book in for a beauty treatment or two.

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