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Dr Ross Farhadieh Plastic Surgeon

Meet Dr Ross Farhidieh

Dr Ross Farhadieh is an internationally recognised plastic surgeon, a leader in this field whom we are lucky to call one of Australia’s own. With over 13 years of plastic surgery training at some of the most prestigious hospitals around the world and three board certifications in Plastic Surgery from Australia,, England and Europe. Dr Farhadieh regularly presents his work at national and international plastic surgery conferences and has wide peer recognition and respect. He has ongoing collaborations with many of the world’s leading plastic surgery authorities including those from Australia, Europe, North America and Taiwan. Dr Farhadieh is the founder of the highly regarded Panthea Clinics in Sydney and Canberra.

Dr Ross Farhadieh and his beautiful wife Yasamin
Dr Ross Farhadieh and his beautiful wife Yasamin

Calling Australia Home

Originally born in Iran, Dr Farhadieh finally settled with his family on Sydney’s North Shore when he was 14. He says it was the work ethic instilled into him and his brother that enabled him to take full advantage of the opportunities Australia offers and he’s never wanted to live anywhere else. Although he’s travelled the world, both for work and pleasure, it’s Australia, Dr Farhadieh says, that he will always call home. Especially now that he’s just welcomed his first child with wife Yasamin, an anesthetist he met in the hospital corridors and asked to marry him on their first date!

Dr Farhadieh was inspired to become a surgeon because of his uncles who were both doctors, along with Hawk Eye Pierce from the TV show MASH! “He was a surgeon with a social conscience who walked to the beat of his own drum”. He is the Chief Editor and Contributing Author of the latest critically hailed plastic surgery reference textbook bringing 130 of the world’d leaders in the field together, “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: Approaches and Techniques” (Wiley & Blackwell).

Miracle Surgeon

Dr Farhadieh and his hand replant patient, Sarah Hazell
Dr Farhadieh and his hand replant patient, Sarah Hazell. Photo: Karleen Minney

Dr Farhadieh tells us that his most amazing plastic surgery experience so far is re-attaching a 21 year old’s hand after she lost control of her car due to fatigue. “It was an above wrist hand replant that took 14 hours to do. Her hand was all but severed… hanging on by a tiny tendon. I had to mend bones, tendons, nerves, arteries and veins.” Dr Farhadieh was called Canberra’s miracle surgeon for his work by the national media when the story featured on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Canberra Times.

Dr Farhadieh says each patient brings a unique set of issues which require a different set of skills. He loves knowing and seeing that he has made a difference in people’s lives. “Either in cosmetic or reconstructive settings. I love Face & Neck lift surgery, I also enjoy all forms of breast surgery including reconstruction surgery.”

The most important piece of advice Dr Farhadieh has for anyone looking to undergo cosmetic surgery is to do your homework. “Make sure that you find the right surgeon for you, with appropriate training and the right temperament for you. The trust and understanding established during consultations forms the basis of a successful outcome.”

Panthea Clinic Dr Ross Farhadieh

Dr Farhadieh’s Panthea Clinics offer a full range of Face, Breast, Body and Skin surgical and non-surgical procedures. They have a highly qualified and experienced team of practitioners and staff to ensure that your journey is not only a successful one, but an enjoyable one.

If you’d like to arrange a consultation with Dr Farhadieh call 1300 03 03 71. Or, to check out Panthea Clinic’s treatment menu click here.

If you’d like to buy Dr Farhadieh’s Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Approaches and Techniques textbook click here.