About Dr Pouria (Ziggy) Moradi, Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Dr Pouria Moradi

Meet Dr Pouria Moradi

We love introducing you to some of our awesome Australian Plastic Surgeons and Dr Pouria Moradi is one of them. Also known as Ziggy, Dr Moradi is based in Wooloomooloo in Sydney NSW and is one of the few plastic surgeons in Sydney who exclusively performs both microsurgery and cosmetic surgery for both the breast and the face.

Dr Moradi also performs a wide range of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. You can see the extensive list on his website.

Although his training has been predominantly in Australia, Dr Moradi has extensive training and experience overseas in specialist surgical units in England, Scotland, Belgium and Sweden. His clinical and technical skills are of the highest level and Dr Moradi has a loyal following of patients in Australia.

Dr Moradi has an amazing before and after gallery on his website – we suggest you check it out!