About Dr Charles Cope – Sydney Plastic Surgeon – A Man of compassion

Dr Charles Cope - the compassionate surgeon

Dr. Charles Cope of North Shore Cosmetic Surgery consults at his clinics in Mosman and Wahroonga on the North Shore of Sydney. He also sees patients at Gosford as well. He was born and raised in Mosman and graduated with 1st Class Honours at the University of Sydney in 1989.

After graduating he performed most of his general surgery and plastic surgery training at Royal North Shore Hospital and also at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. From there he completed the Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery Fellowship in Sydney under prominent Sydney plastic surgeons. He then worked in Houston, Texas for 2000-2001 at the MD Anderson Cancer Center (ranked the no. 1 cancer hospital in USA) mainly doing post-mastectomy breast reconstruction.

Dr. Charles Cope’s sole reason for entering into surgery as a profession was to help people. He says he always knew he wanted to be a doctor ever since he was a teenager.

“Once I was exposed to hospital medicine I knew I wanted to be a surgeon to be able to cure/fix problems, as opposed to physicians who keep diseases under control, but rarely fix the problem” explained Dr. Charles Cope.

Dr. Cope describes his patient’s happiness after surgery as the most rewarding part of the job.

And his patients feel the same. If you take the time to research the reviews from Dr. Copes patients then you will find rave reviews on Dr. Cope’s compassionate approach.

“I try to provide an unsurpassed quality service to my patients, from the time they initially ring on the phone, the booking process, the surgery to postoperative care”.

All Dr. Copes patients have unlimited access to postoperative care/visits, with any revision surgery being undertaken at minimal/no cost for the first year, although this is rarely needed.

Dr. Cope explains that his favourite procedures to perform are breast augmentation and upper blepharoplasty:

“Breast augmentation because this operation more than any other makes people happier with their bodies and restores confidence for those having the surgery after having children”

“Upper blepharoplasty is a simple operation (often performed under local anaesthetic in the office), which provides a remarkable difference in appearance, turning back the clock 10-15 years, with most people returning to work in 5-7 days” explains Dr. Cope.

Dr. Cope has acquired a large operative experience, with over 10,000 plastic surgeries performed. As well as his clinical experience, Dr. Cope has been involved in research for over 15 years, with projects including microvascular anastomotic devices and tissue engineering. Dr Cope has published extensively, with 26 publications and presentations at international and national meetings.

But there is much more to Dr. Cope than a perfectly trained surgeon with great results. Dr. Cope certainly knows how to enjoy his spare time too – he enjoys driving with his Nissan R35 GTR, which he regularly takes on the track at Eastern Creek. He loves sailing and skiing in the U.S and makes sure he hits the gym – training at least 3 times a week.

Dr. Cope who is also a fan of space exploration, once having had the privilege of operating on the wife of one of the 12 Astronauts who have walked on the moon in Houston, Texas –

“I have a plaque with badges of the individual missions where astronauts have walked on the moon signed by one of the astronauts” explains Dr. Charles Cope.

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