About Dr Mark Hanikeri – Perth Plastic Surgeon & Creative Artist

Dr Mark Hanikeri - The Creative Artistic Plastic Surgeon

Meet Dr. Mark Hanikeri – a Perth Specialist Plastic Surgeon who has the ability to connect with his patients, a keen eye for art and who would have loved to become a rock star until he replaced his guitar with a scalpel.

Dr. Mark Hanikeri grew up in Perth, Western Australia and studied Medicine at the University of Western Australia. He completed his basic surgical training at Royal Perth Hospital before working in England and Scotland as a Senior House Officer in Plastic Surgery.

In 1998, Dr Hanikeri returned to Australia where he commenced working as a Registrar in Plastic Surgery. Dr. Hanikeri completed his advanced training in Plastic Surgery in 2003, having spent three years of it in Western Australia and one year in Queensland. He went on to spend another year training in Craniofacial and cosmetic surgery in London and Birmingham before returning to commence private practice as a Plastic Surgeon in Perth in 2005.

Before he started his medical degree, Dr Hanikeri started studying engineering.

“I began my University career as an engineering student. Perhaps this allows me to draw on my skills of logic and reasoning to apply my knowledge to create good outcomes for the patients.” explains Dr. Hanikeri.

Dr. Hanikeri has always had a passion for the arts. His interest in sculpture, sketching and artistic creativity alongside his need to make a tangible difference in people’s lives led him to pursue a career in surgery. “I like to see results of my actions and I like to be analytical in my approach to problem solving. Surgery suits my personality. It allows me the ability to determine what needs to be done in a given situation and to use the skills that I have acquired to produce a positive outcome for my patients.”

However, it isn’t just logic and problem solving that interests Dr Hanikeri. During his medical studies he was the lead singer of a band. He still enjoys strumming his guitar in his own time which is sometimes hard to find!

Dr. Hanikeri volunteers his time and skills to people in need in developing countries every year, providing surgical procedures to those who would otherwise not be able to afford them. In fact, it was his passion for humanitarian work which prompted him to study plastic surgery. “I felt that Plastic Surgery would allow me to use skills that knew I was capable of acquiring, to help those less fortunate. To change the lives of those on whom I have operated permanently and for the better is indescribable and probably the most professionally satisfying part of my job.”

Dr. Hanikeri treats his patients with the utmost care and forms friendships easily.
“I get a great deal of joy out of seeing good results, whether they are cosmetic procedures on the face or breast, liposuction, hand surgery or skin cancer surgery. I really enjoy seeing my patients do well and take a great deal of personal satisfaction out of playing a part in that outcome” he says.

Dr. Hanikeri also puts a great deal of attention to his aftercare. “My patients know that if they have an issue related to their surgery, they can see me without having to pay further out of pocket expenses, to discuss this. I enjoy seeing them, to assess their long term outcome, once again without any cost to them. In the rare occurrence that there is an adverse outcome from their surgery that requires further treatment to address it, they will not usually have any “out of pocket” expenses from me, provided their concerns are legitimate and valid” he explains.

Dr Mark Hanikeri - The Creative Artistic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hanikeri is a family man who values his time travelling with his wife and 3 children. He shares his time off work between his family and his hobbies, which include scuba diving, skiing and fishing.

Dr. Hanikeri’s advice when it comes to making a decision about committing to a plastic surgery procedure is:
“Carefully consider the procedure that you are planning with particular attention to the risks and benefits as outlined by your Plastic and Reconstructive, Cosmetic Surgeon. You should consider the procedure as one for the rest of your life, not just for the short term. Any cost advantage from seeing lesser trained surgeons or travelling overseas is outweighed by the potential effect of a less than ideal outcome on the rest of your life. I think everyone considering plastic surgery should devote a lot of thought into making sure that they have faith in the person who is about to perform their surgery.”

Dr Mark Hanikeri‘s practice has grown significantly over the last few years, most of it through word-of-mouth and happy patients, and I caught up with him recently to ask him about taking on the more difficult cases, his charity work, and why keeping his skills up to date is essential to his success. Dr Hanikeri is a genuinely lovely surgeon and I absolutely loved catching up with him.


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