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Facelifts are one of those things you want to get right. If your surgeon gets it wrong, there’s nowhere to hide. Luckily, we have some AMAZING facelift surgeons right here in Australia, where surgeon training is on par with the best in the world. Dr Jack Zoumaras from Artiste Plastic Surgery based in Sydney has been lucky enough to have trained and gained experience with some of the most revered facelift surgeons in the world, and we chatted to him about his blog he wrote detailing his experiences working with surgeons who’ve performed on some of the world’s most famous people including Audrey Hepburn; and how he’s become known as The Face Sculptor and one of Australia’s most pre-eminent facial plastic surgeons.

Dr Jack Zoumaras

Paris, New York, THE WORLD!

Dr Zoumaras was always destined for great things. When he was at Flinders University in Adelaide his academic performance saw him selected for an exchange program to Columbia, an Ivy League school where he was inspired to become a plastic surgeon. He says it was there that he was exposed to cutting edge tissue research, reconstructive plastic surgery, aesthetic surgery and facelifts. He says, “Columbia was such a prestigious school and hospital. It’s where Kobe Bryant had his shoulder reconstructed, and where Bill Clinton underwent a cardiac bypass.”

Dr Zoumaras tells us that New York is his most favourite city in the world and his experience as a student at Columbia sowed the seed for him to go back later and do his fellowship beside some of the world’s most respected facial surgeons. “I learnt so much, from true leaders. After my student elective, I maintained contact with Dr Grant, who was the Plastic Surgery Director of NY Presbyterian, and the prestigious NY Australian Plastic Surgeon, Dr Donald Wood Smith. My fellowship began in 2013, and I was officially a Visiting Fellow at NY Presbyterian and Cornell at Columbia. My Fellowship was largely cosmetic, more specifically cosmetic surgery of the Face – Facelifts, Rhinoplasty, and general plastic surgery. I was fortunate to attend multidisciplinary clinics, and work alongside world renowned and revered Facelift Plastic Surgeons.”

Dr Zoumaras says it’s important to note that as an Australian trained plastic surgeon it was clear that his training was already of a very high level. “Kudos to our rigorous RACS and ASPS training. In the presence of great NYC Plastic Surgeons, I continued to learn and pick up the nuances of Facelift surgery, advanced techniques and operative skill. While in Manhattan, to supplement my interest in Facelift and Facial Plastic Surgery, I also visited Miami and San Francisco to gain an understanding of a different approach to Facelift surgery. This exposure is why I offer three main types of Facelifts at Artiste.”

Dr Zoumaras has some amazing stories of his time overseas, including being trained and mentored by Dr Daniel Baker and Dr Sherrel Aston who are renowned as having done more Facelifts than any other plastic surgeons in the world including on many celebs, dignitaries, Presidents and State Heads. Dr Zoumaras drops “Rumour has it that Dr Aston performed Audrey Hepburn’s Facelift. It was a great opportunity for me to learn from the true Masters of Facelift Surgery in Manhattan who have published case series of over 7000 Facelifts alone”

The Face Sculptor
Dr Zoumaras’ patients love their natural looking results.

Dr Zoumaras also had a stint in Paris where he worked under Madame Francoise Firmin, a renowned Plastic Surgeon with a Specialty of the Face and Microtia (children born with no outer ear – whom require ear reconstruction, known as Microtia surgery). “My Private Practice, Artiste Plastic Surgery, definitely has a French connection. As many of you know, Artiste is the French name for Artist. I lived in Paris for just short of a year. I was Madame Francoise Firmin’s surgical assistant at the beautiful Clinic Bizet, where I consulted and operated with her, all the while enjoying Tour d’Eiffel views through her rooms.”

It is all this first class training and experience that make Dr Zoumaras one of Australia’s best facial plastic surgeons. “I blend skills and techniques from the World’s best, into the Facelift menu that I offer and one of the many reasons I do call myself a Face Expert and an expert on the Face – for Facelifts, Rhinoplasty and Eyelid Surgery.”

Dr Zoumaras’ facelift before and afters speak for themselves. If you’d like to arrange a consultation with Dr Zoumaras click here. To read more about him first read the blogs below.

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