Tania talks about her Pinched Bleph (eye surgery)

Tania's Pinched Bleph

At the recent 40th ASAPS conference in Melbourne I met Tania, who had a really interesting eye surgery called the Pinched Bleph with Dr Jack Zoumaras. It’s like a normal blepharoplasty only less invasive. Tania got some great results. Check out my video interview with her or read her story below.

Who did you have your surgery with and what did you have done?

Tania: Yes, I recently had a pinch, upper and lower bleph with Dr. Jack Zoumaras in Darling Point from Artiste Plastic Surgery.

What is the Pinch Bleph?

Basically, well, like it’s just pinching up so basically, it’s not actually going in so your recovery’s quicker and your risk of complications are lower. He doesn’t go as deep so therefore, the risks of bleeding is low, all of that.

What was the recovery process like?

The recovery was awesome. I had no bruising initially. Obviously, a bit of bruising came up into the surface a couple of days later but at a week post-op, I was back in clinic consulting, seeing patients.

What differences have you noticed due to the procedure?

Well, I don’t look as tired. I’m able to put on eyeshadow now and you can actually see it. I found that I just felt really heavy on my upper lids and yes, I just feel great.

Did your friends notice a difference?

When I spoke to Dr. Zoumaras, I did specifically say to him, “Look, I didn’t want a look that people would look at me and know that I’ve had surgery,” not because I care that people know that I have surgery, only because I just wanted a refreshed look. That’s why I didn’t have a full blepharoplasty. I had the pinch blepharoplasty and I think within my age group, the pinch bleph is the way to go especially when you’re with work, your recovery period is so restricted. Yeah, that’s the option I chose.

How was your experience with Dr Jack Zoumaris?

Jack’s amazing. His bedside manner is, yeah, he’s just incredible. He actually did some surgery on my daughter, something … She just had something removed from her upper lid and she’s only 19. She also … I love the way his bedside manner with her, going through the procedure … Patients need to feel comfortable. It’s important that the surgeons engage with the patient because at the end of the day, that patient also wants to feel comfortable and confident with the surgeon and yes, so I decided to then also have my surgery with him.

What would you say to someone who is considering a full bleph procedure; should they go with the pinch instead?

Look, at the end of the day, it is up to the surgeon to make that decision of what the patient requires to have that optimal result. Yes, I’m a nurse in the industry. I’ve been in the industry for a long time but I can suggest to patients different procedures that are available but at the end of the day, it is up to the surgeon to see whether that patient will receive the look that they’re looking for with that particular procedure. Pinch blepharoplasty, yes, recovery is quick, risk of complications are so low and for someone, especially a busy mum that works long hours and I’m travelling interstate for work also, I wanted a result and I wanted something that I could get done and get back in clinic as quickly as I could.

I think also there’s factors that patients also need to consider. Just because I had a pinch bleph and it worked for me to achieve these results, it doesn’t necessarily that someone else is going to get that same result from a pinch bleph and that’s what the surgeon is there for, to discuss those. I can only speak based on my experience. The recovery, surgeon, I always, and I’ll encourage consumers, is do your research and see a surgeon with the correct credentials and yeah, that knows what he is doing.

To find out more about Dr Jack Zoumaras and the Pinched Bleph Procedure visit www.artisteplasticsurgery.com.au.

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