Motiva Breast Implants – Why are they a good option?

Motiva Breast Implants - Dr Giovanni Botti

Motiva are a breast implant brand with a good reputation and at the forefront of the breast implant industry when it comes to design and producing a variety of breast implant choices for women. Many Australian plastic surgeons prefer Motiva breast implants and I caught up with Dr Giovanni Botti at the recent 40th Annual ASAPS conference to ask him why.

Why should women choose Motiva Breast Implants and for which type of patient is it best suited?

Dr Giovanni Botti: This kind of new implants is, to me, revolutionary. They are deeply different from any other implant because they are much softer. The consistency is very similar to the one of the breast mound and they move together with the body when the body change its position so the breasts should get a different shape. These implants give this kind of result. Furthermore, they don’t have the common complications of other implants like the macrotexture ones, like double capsules, seroma, or even maybe ALCL, which is a kind of cancer, lymphoma. There are several advantages in choosing this kind of implants.

Why is it worth patient’s investing a little more in their implants initially, rather than opting for a cheaper brand?

This is not a cheap implant and there are reasons. There is a lot of research behind them because after all the problems that the implants gave in the recent years, this manufacturers invest a lot of money, I think, in try to find out solutions to this problems and to find a special device, which really give the result we need for our patients. To me it’s really something great. When we change from the old kind of implants to this new device, the patient realise a different feeling, totally different, much more natural, much more similar to what should be a natural breast.

What are the main likely complications with breast augmentation surgery and how can they be risk controlled or minimised with Motiva?

In recent years we had much more problems related to the envelope, meaning to the texture of the implant such as seroma or irritation for certain shape implants like a teardrop implants and this was due to the fact that they wouldn’t stick to the capsule and they could rotate. Can you imagine a breast upside down? It’s obviously very, very bad looking. Another frequent complication is capsular contracture, meaning that the breasts becomes hard. With this new implants the possibility to get this complication from 10, 15% is now under 1% so it’s very, very … it’s a huge improvement.

What features make Motiva stand apart from other implant brands?

They have many different characteristics. First they have this surface which is almost smooth, it’s not rough. This allow less irritation to the tissues and consequently less problems like seroma, double capsular or maybe even this lymphoma. Then they have a special gel inside which is much more mobile and move together with the envelope so at the end what the patient and anybody who can look or palpate the breasts can see or feel is that is really natural. It’s exactly as the normal breast.

What advice can you give to women considering breast surgery?

First they should try to find a good plastic surgeon and then to choose the right implant considering all the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

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