Rhinoplasty with Dr Jack Zoumaras at Artiste Plastic Surgery

Are you looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon in Sydney? Not sure where to start? Dr Jack Zoumaras is an extremely popular plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty and with his patient results it’s easy to see why. We’ve spoken to a few of Dr Zoumaras’ rhinoplasty patients who rave about his results, and we wanted to share some of before and after pictures with you, but we also had a chat to Dr Zoumaras about what you should be looking for when you’re searching for your rhinoplasty surgeon.

Facial Harmony

rhinoplasty with Dr Jack Zoumaras
Dr Jack Zoumaras

Dr Zoumaras says it’s important for you to choose a surgeon who understands exactly what it is that you want and need for your nose. “The nose is the focal point of the face. The structures of the nose are in close relationship with the chin and the eyes, making the nose an important facial characteristic. When the nose is too big or too small, has an unruly bump, or lacks definition, it can often disrupt the entire facial harmony.”

Rhinoplasty is the most revised plastic surgery procedure in Australia. That means that more people end up going back for a second or even third procedure after their first because they’re not happy with how the first procedure turned out. That’s why it’s even more important to get a surgeon with better chances of getting it right the first time. Dr Zoumaras says he regularly operates on patients who’ve come to him for rhinoplasty revisions. “Our Total Nose Plus Rhinoplasty procedure is reserved for those patients that have had a Rhinoplasty and require revision (Secondary or Tertiary Rhinoplasty) or need a reconstructive Rhinoplasty. These patients need cartilage grafting often from the rib and the surgery is a little longer so we can restore the pleasing features of your nose.”

Understanding that your nose needs to be functional as well is an important consideration for both the patient and the surgeon. There’s no point in having an awesome looking nose if you can’t breathe through it. Dr Zoumaras says that’s where the skill of an experienced surgeon comes in and why when you’re choosing a surgeon for your rhinoplasty you need to do your homework.

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