Bikini Boobs – the perfect cleavage with Dr Amira Sanki

I tried on my swimmers yesterday for the first time this summer and spent at least a minute “fixing” my boobs to fit into them and it made me wish I had perky, awesome boobs that looked amazing in bikinis! Straight away I thought of Dr Amira Sanki, Plastic Surgeon in Sydney, who does some amazing breast augmentations and thought I’d ask her what makes the perfect “bikini boobs” – the perfect cleavage!

All of us want to feel comfortable in our bodies, especially when we’re more exposed wearing our swimmers or bikinis. With the Australian lifestyle and culture going to the beach or spending the summers by the pool is almost a given, but for those women not happy with their breasts it can be more about covering up, especially for women after pregnancy and childbirth where their breasts are left feeling empty, deflated, sagging or flat. A breast augmentation, lift, reduction or reconstruction can improve or completely transform a woman’s confidence. Dr Sanki says, “The active lifestyles most of us have here in Australia leaves little room for wearing uncomfortable bras and clothing to help support sagging breasts. Breast lift and breast lift with implants are able to help if you have sagging breasts and feel a loss of self-esteem when confronted by your body image or discomfort and limitation when not wearing a bra.”

So, what makes the perfect bikini boob or cleavage?!

Apparently, the perfect boobs comes down to a matter of science or mathematics. A London-based plastic surgeon spent five years studying the exact proportions that make up the most desirable or attractive looking boobs. This is what he found.

Volume – many surgeons and patients think they should aim for an even ratio between fullness in the upper and lower part of the breast, however the study found that boobs with slightly more fullness in the lower half of the breast was generally considered more attractive to both men and women.

Smooth Upper Slope – perhaps most surprising about the study was that apparently an overly rounded upper breast isn’t the most desirable shape for breasts, but a straighter or more natural outward curve was more popular. This is contrary to many women asking for a “fuller upper pole”.

Nipples that face upwards – none of us want downward pointing nipples which indicates sagging, deflated breasts, so it’s no surprise that a more skyward pointing nipple is better – just not too high! Apparently an elevation of around 20 degrees is the ideal!

Proportion – A plastic surgeon will take measurements to work out what implants will fit into your body and bring balance to your shoulder-waist-hip ratio.

Having said all of that, breasts are kind of like noses or anything else – it’s not a one size fits all scenario. Huge breasts on a woman with a tiny frame are not going to look natural, and fuller, more voluptuous breasts might not suit a more athletic frame… but they might too! There are said to be 7 different boob shapes, and each of them can be the “perfect” breast on different women.

  1. Round
  2. East West (nipples point outwards)
  3. Side set (wide space between your breasts)
  4. Tear Drop – more rounded at the bottom, less full at the top
  5. Asymmetric – each is a different size and/or shape to the other (most women have at least some asymmetry)
  6. Slender – longer than they are wide
  7. Bell – like slender but rounder.

So, what should you be asking for from your surgeon if you’re planning a breast augmentation?

Dr Sanki says a great way to explain to your surgeon what you are looking for is to take along a few pictures of what you see as the “perfect” boobs. Your surgeon may or may not have some feedback with regards to whether or not those boobs are going to suit you and why or why not. Ultimately, you are the one who are going to be living with your boobs day in and day out so it’s important to be really clear with what you want. Dr Sanki says, “It’s also a good idea to go to your local department store and try on bras with different cup sizes to work out what size you would like to jump up to.”

It really comes down to each woman feeling happy with what they have and being able to rock it, especially in their bikini!!

If you’d like more information on Dr Amira Sanki you can visit her website or if you’d like to arrange a consultation click here.

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