Rhinoplasty with Dr Raymond Goh

Dr Raymond Goh Talks Rhinoplasty

Dr Raymond Goh from Valley Plastic Surgery in Brisbane is renowned for his beautiful rhinoplasty results and shared this patient’s story with us. This patient was not only unhappy with her hooked nose but complained of difficulty breathing. Dr Goh says rhinoplasty is such an important surgery to get right and it’s essential for patients to ensure their surgeon knows what they doing so they don’t become another statistic of needing a rhinoplasty revision – rhinoplasties have the highest revision rate of any other plastic surgery.

Dr Goh says, “This patient’s main concern pre-op was a hooked nose with a dorsal hump and droopy tip. She also complained of difficulty in breathing due to narrowed internal airways. I performed an open rhinoplasty that incorporated dorsal hump reduction, tip elevation and support, as well as widening and support of the internal airways.”

As with many plastic surgery procedures patients often have to be patient to see the full results. Just like breasts will have swelling after post surgery and have the “drop and fluff” effects before they relax into their final positioning, rhioplasty patients will also have a fair bit of swelling, bruising and settling of their nose to occur before they can see the final results. Dr Goh says, “This patient’s after photo is taken at 6 weeks post-op. Although most of the swelling has subsided, the nose will continue to improve in shape and breathing over the next few months as swelling tapers out and the scar tissue matures.” 

Rhinoplasty is notoriously known for being a hard surgery to get right. It’s essential your surgeon is appropriately trained and experienced. Dr Goh says advancements in rhinoplasty techniques are allowing skilled surgeons to get better results than ever before. “Advancements in rhinoplasty techniques, such as better blood pressure control and more gentle and precise bone cuts with ultrasonic instruments facilitate a much better recovery after surgery.”

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