Nicole’s Breast Surgery & Tummy Patient Story

Nicole's Breast Lift & Tummy Tuck

Six years after having twins, Nicole decided it was her time to do something for herself. She’d been thinking of having surgery to give her boobs some lift back and perhaps get rid of some of the extra weight that didn’t seem to want to let go after her pregnancy… a bit of a mummy makeover! Nicole also wanted to do the surgery soon, as she’d heard that if you have the surgery within 7 years of having children, you get a small rebate from Medicare – you do, and Nicole did!

After talking on internet forums to others who’d had surgery or were looking at having it, Nicole decided to book a consult with Dr Damien Marucci, well-known cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in Sydney.

From her very first consult, Nicole was impressed with Dr Marucci. He made her feel comfortable and Nicole felt as though he really had her best interests at heart. Initially, Nicole had the idea that she would want implants as well as a lift, but after meeting with Dr Marucci, he advised her that he didn’t think it would be necessary and that a breast lift would be enough to get the results she wanted. Nicole also wanted a tummy tuck, and Dr Marucci advised her that he would be able to do the two procedures at the same time. Nicole says she was so relieved to find a doctor who not only gave her objective advice about what was right for her, but didn’t seem to be focussed on how much money he could make out of her.

Nicole's Breast Lift“I was so impressed from the beginning with Dr Marucci. He listened, he changed my mind about having the implants – which he was definitely right about – and I saved $7,000. Not only that, he did a whole lot of liposuction at the same time for no extra cost.”

Nicole says her pre and post operative care were outstanding. She says before the surgery even though she only saw Dr Marucci once he made himself available for her to contact at any time. Nicole says she was confident enough with their first consult not to need another. She booked in for her surgery on her way out of that first meeting.

What about post-op? Nicole says she saw Dr Marucci right after she woke from the anaesthesia – she says, “he wanted to make sure he was happy with the work he had done. He also wanted to make sure I was happy”. Nicole was happy. She says she looked down and saw boobs! She says he did a “fantastic job”. Nicole says she saw Dr Marucci several more times whilst she was in the hospital.

Although there was a bit of pain after surgery, Nicole says it wasn’t as bad as she thought and was fully manageable with painkillers. She spent 2 days in hospital, one week on the painkillers and was back at work after 3 weeks. It has now been 4 weeks since the surgery, and Nicole says she is just so happy and does not have anything negative to say about her experience. She is especially thankful for finding a doctor who did everything right, and went over and above her idea of quality care. Nicole says, “I’m in awe of Dr Marucci. I recently went to see him for a follow up appointment. The week before I saw him, he’d been in Samoa doing free surgery on someone with elephantitis syndrome. That really says what a caring person he is.”

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