Not up for a full face lift? What about a mini face lift (or S-Lift / Short-Scar Lift)

S-Lift Mini Facelift

Having hit the big 50 last year I find myself looking at my facial features as they change and age with the years. I keep thinking “mmmm I’d love a facelift” and then in the next breath I say to myself “nope, you’re way too young”. And anyway, I don’t want it to look like I’ve had a face lift. Maybe I’ll feel differently in 5 to 10 years time, who knows? So I’ve been researching other options to satisfy my desires. Non-surgical face lift? Injectables? Then I discovered the “S-Lift”, which can also be known as the mini face lift, or short-scar lift, and thought it would be great to share as I’m sure there are many people in my shoes.

What is an S-Lift? (Mini Face Lift or Short-Scar Lift)

The S-Lift gets its name from the smaller ‘S’ shaped incisions made in front of the ear. Through this incision, the surgeon can lift the skin and underlying tissues to give a more youthful appearance. It does not do quite as much as a facelift, especially for very heavy or saggy necks – but it costs less too. It is especially good for the 45 – 55 age group.

Face lift alone or mini face lift, S-lift, MACS lift, minimum incision or short scar face lift, involve incisions in the face starting at the ear lobule, and ending at the temple.

What is a SMAS Face Lift?

A SMAS Face Lift will comprehensively lift and smooth the undesirable ageing changes in the problem areas of the face and neck. This face lift technique is designed to powerfully rejuvenate while completely avoiding the operated or pulled look.

What is the Face Suture Lift?

The skin suture lift is an appropriate procedure for patients who are not yet ready for face-lift surgery or for patients who have had a face-lift and who want to improve the residual loose or drooping areas that remain or have recurred.

So who does this in Australia?

Well it’s not a common procedure, and not that popular with some surgeons. If you want to know who does it near you, drop us a line [email protected] with your location, and we can give you a list of surgeons performing it.

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