Mummies for Cosmetic Surgery: Mummy Makeovers

Mummy Makeovers

There are targeted “mummy categories” for food, fashion, literature, entertainment, and believe it or not, even cosmetic surgery.

Inside cosmetic surgery clinics, it is more commonly known as “mummy makeovers”.

Mummy makeovers refer to a series of cosmetic surgery procedures targeted towards mothers who would like to restore their pre-pregnancy bodies. Normally conducted in a single-session surgery mummy makeovers include tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and liposuction. It can also include stretch mark removal and skin tightening.

According to the New Beauty website, mummy makeovers are ideal for mothers who have had at least six months to a year of recovery period after birth, and whose weight has stabilised. Interested mummies should have also stopped breastfeeding if they intend to undergo breast augmentation. However, mummy makeovers are not for mothers who are still planning on having more children, as pregnancy will alter the results of a cosmetic surgery.

According to a 2011 article on the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) website, a survey revealed that 62 percent of surveyed mothers would not mind getting a mummy makeover especially if cost was not an issue.

The same article revealed that there is an upward trend in the number of women availing mummy makeover procedures. The number of women getting tummy tucks increased by 85% since 2000, while breast lifts moved up to 70% and breast augmentations up 39%.

Younger mothers are also jumping in on the cosmetic surgery bandwagon, in comparison to past years which saw more women in their 50’s going under the knife in the name of physical beauty.

For mothers who have decided to undergo a mummy makeover, ASPS offers the following tips.

  1. Be specific and realistic about your goals so you can work out an ideal plan with your surgeon.
  2. To “optimise the final outcome,” do not just rely on the surgery to lose weight. Make sure that you are generally fit before undergoing a mummy makeover.
  3. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.
  4. Establish a solid support system.
  5. Make sure to work with a board-certified surgeon, preferably one who has prior experience with mummy makeovers. Ask for before and after photos.

Cosmetic Surgery Financing for Mummy Makeovers

The average cost of a mummy makeover ranges from $12,000 to $14,000. Costs may also vary depending on your location. Because of its cosmetic nature, it is normally not covered by an insurance policy.

Mothers who are hindered by the steep costs have an option to apply for cosmetic surgery financing. Financing for cosmetic surgery is a service provided by medical financing companies who act as intermediary between patients and a network of lenders and service providers.

In today’s modern society, mothers are more empowered to make decisions about their beauty and physical attributes. With expert and professional help, mummy makeovers are platforms through which mothers can find a renewed sense of confidence and pride.

Further Information about Mummy Makeover Surgery