Jessica’s Mummy Makeover

Jess Mummy Makeover

Jessica’s Mummy Makeover

Standing on the beach with my family during the Christmas holidays, looking around at all the beautiful beach bodies, I felt a sudden wave hit me. A lingering feeling I had for many years, finally caught up with me. I realized I was missing out on truly living my best happiest life because in the back of my mind I was always self-conscious about the way I looked.

I was fed up with  my  long drawn out breast – the kind that you could wrap around your neck for a scarf – and a tummy with stretch marks from side to side and top to bottom, covering my whole abdominal area, further more I was a little chubby. This is it! I thought. I needed to do something about it, so I could get on with life and be happy.

I started out going to the gym and seeing a personal trainer as well as eating super healthy. Not only did this make me look better it really did help my emotional attitude too. Despite feeling a lot better about my health, the skinnier I got the worst my breast and stretch marks looked. After many years of toiling with the idea of plastic surgery and my idealism of being organic and natural, I made the choice to go under the knife. It was time! My son was now old enough to understand that I will be tender and unable to do some things, plus my husband was at a stage in his career where he was able to take some time off to help and care for me.

I considered the full mummy makeover, this sounded great! Go away a yucky mummy and come back a yummy mummy! However we were still considering more children. Consequently I decided to get my breast fixed first and my tummy done when we were finished having children.

I was so excited to finally have normal breast or even beautiful breast. I did a quick comparison and jumped right into the closet and cheapest plastic surgery I could find.

Coming out of surgery for the first time was difficult partially from the effects of anaesthetic, it made me feel really nauseous and due to the fact that breast augmentation is a day surgery procedure, so you’re practically up and out when you wake up, off you go, drains and all. I had no private health insurance at this stage so I didn’t consider an overnight stay.

My results were not perfect, magazine, super model perfect but far better than before. I did expect a completely different pair of breast – ones that I had been dreaming of for so long, ones that I had cut out of a picture for my surgeon to indicate the size and desired results, yet they were still my boobs just bigger and better. Despite not receiving Pamela Anderson’s breast, I love my result and the confidence a fuller breast has granted me.

Now I could wear a swim suit (one piece) don’t forget I still have the old tummy, I could fill out a bra and even take it off in confidence in front of my husband. It made me feel beautiful, sexy and womanly.

Five years down the track and two more babies later, our family was complete. I was lucky enough to be able to breastfeed again despite having implants under the muscle.

After much talk and deliberation my husband granted me my wish to have an abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck).

I am now four weeks into the healing of my surgery. This time around for my second plastic surgery procedure completing my mummy makeover, we did have private health insurance which made everything a swift and more pleasant experience. It does make the world of difference when you have delightful care.

Before surgery I mentioned to my surgeon and the hospital staff during check in, then again to the anaesthetist that I felt very sick last time I had anaesthetic. I was administered something to stop me from feeling nauseous  and when I woke up, I felt great, not the bounce out of bed great but in cloud land, relaxed, great. No sick giddy feeling at all. Plus I was wheeled into my very own private room with everything I needed bought to me. I didn’t even have to get out of bed to do a wee. I had a catheter in, not the most joyful thing but it made life very easy to heal not having to move for the first 24 hours.

My results once again were not perfect but way better. I still didn’t wake up with a Cameron Diaz belly, damn! But I had to be realistic and remember what I started with.

Throughout the healing phase I have had some highs and lows. One morning about three weeks after surgery, everyone was out of the house I had a moment alone, I took my band before a shower and looked in the mirror, wow! My body was normal looking, not perfect but very normal. This was the greatest high, finally I felt like a person, not a distorted alien. A few days later we all went to the beach. It was so hot I felt uncomfortable to sit. There was no shade and I couldn’t swim. I asked my family to leave sooner than they all wanted to. Out of respect and care they packed up and took me home. The next day was Sunday, an even more glorious day! The norm for our family is to go to the beach but this time I opted out.

I could see the disappointment in the eyes of my youngest son, he was sad I couldn’t join in the fun. This was the lowest moment for me. My husband later sent a text message saying – “Everything will be alright babe. You have the rest of your life to be at the beach with the boys. Just rest and finish healing”.

Seeing the dramatic recovery that each day brings, I look two more weeks into the future, when I know I will be able to run, ride, gym, swim and most of all join back in the family fun with even more health and confidence than before.


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