Amika’s Body Lift Patient Story with a Sydney Plastic Surgeon – Excess Skin Removal after 60kg Weight Loss

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Body Lift Reno

After a lifetime of being overweight, in 2013 at the age of 60, I decided that i would have lap band surgery as a final attempt to have a healthy retirement and enjoy the grandchildren. The surgery was successful and over the next year I shed 60kgs with the support of my wonderful husband, family and friends. I had so much more energy and should have been happy BUT every time I looked in the mirror I saw the hanging skin on my stomach, legs and arms which was disguised by clothes but I was conscious of all the time.

Following discussions with my lap band surgeon and GP I decided to consult a plastic surgeon.  From my first contact, making an appointment, it became a life-changing experience. The front line people have always been professional, caring and helpful and I was to find out that this ethic was instilled in all members of the staff.

With trepidation I went to my initial appointment with my surgeon accompanied by my husband who has been my rock through this whole process. By the end of this first chat both of us were convinced that this was the doctor for me. My Surgeon had questioned me as to what I wanted to achieve and explained what and how it could be done even suggesting that I would probably want to get a second opinion. I booked my first operation that same day and have not had one regret. In February 2015 I had the first of three six hour operations.

Body Lift Surgery

This was a body lift and my surgeon removed 4kg of skin from my midsection. Don’t get me wrong, it was no bed of roses but not near as bad as I had imagined. I was up out of bed the next day and my surgeon was at the hospital bright and early the next morning (Saturday) to check on me as he was each morning of my four day stay. I was also impressed by the respect that the nursing staff displayed towards my surgeon. Upon release I was contacted by Helen, My surgeon’s wonderful nurse who was available every time I had a question or problem. The scar is now hardly visible and cannot be felt when i rub my hand over it. It is fantastic result and I have a nicer belly button and a better behind.

Body Lift Reno
Amika’s Body Lift Results

Brachioplasty (Arm Surgery)

In May 2015 my surgeon renovated my tuckshop arms and removed skin from right and left sides of my back around the arms. Again the operation was a complete success and there were no complications (must have had a good surgeon!) and had the continued great after care that came with the first operation. This was a little more inconvenient than the first operation as I couldn’t use my arms properly and that slowed me down a bit. Again, when the swelling went down I was ecstatic with the results.

Body Lift Reno
Amika’s Brachioplasty Results

Liposuction and Thigh Lift

The third operation was liposuction and removal of skin from the inside of my thighs. My Surgeon cut 18cm wide strips from both legs from groin to knee. Again another success and wonderful treatment from all involved. Recovery from this was probably the worst of the three but again there was not much pain, just not being able to do everything I wanted to frustrated me but it was well worth it. Although it is only seven months on, the scars are fading and I have legs that I never believed I would have. As a result of the great work done by my surgeon and following his instructions my life has been transformed.

Body Lift Reno
Amika’s Body Lift and Thigh Lift

Life Transformed

As a result of the weight loss I dropped from a size 24 to a size 16. After the operations I now wear size 12. I exercise everyday walking the dog anywhere up to 4 km and swim laps regularly during the week. I have had to learn to do things differently. An example, I bowl in a ten pin bowling league and my average was going down. My husband came to watch me one night and pointed out that I was still bowling with my arm coming through as if my hips were the old size rather than close to my body. After making adjustments to my swing my average is going back up. During school holidays I now take the grandchildren to the pool and swim and play with them in the water rather than sitting and watching. They love it and so do I. I am a new person with a new life free from medications used to control blood pressure etc. My family and friends cannot believe the difference and I am forever on the move and never been happier.

I will be forever grateful to my surgeon and all the staff for their expertise, advice, encouragement and help and if anyone is contemplating plastic surgery I would recommend talking to a good plastic surgeon

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