Dr Craig Rubinstein Tummy Tuck Results – Olivia’s Patient Story after having kids

Dr Craig Rubinstein Tummy Tuck Results - Olivia's Patient Story after having kids

After having two children Olivia’s tummy was stretched. No matter how much exercise she did her excess skin and flab wasn’t budging. Olivia decided to do something about it and after researching her options, decided to have a tummy tuck with Dr Craig Rubinstein from Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery in Melbourne. Olivia was kind enough to answer our Q&A about her experience and share her before and after photos.

PSH: What prompted you, or was your motivation to have plastic surgery?

Olivia: After having two children my tummy was stretched and wan’t attractive and no matter how much exercise I did, it wasn’t going anywhere. As I work at a desk long hours and have limited time to exercise I recognised that it was unlikely I was going to be able to achieve a good result without help.

PSH: What plastic surgery procedures did you have? Did they all run smoothly, and was there any unexpected trials along the way?

Olivia: Tummy tuck, everything ran smoothly as I was well prepared and well read. Nothing unexpected along the way, in fact it wasn’t as hard to recover as expected.

PSH: Looking back at your journey, is there anything you would have done differently, or any advice that you have for anyone looking at having similar surgeries?

Olivia: I would highly recommend being very prepared at home for when you get home from hospital. If you have small children, animals or anyone reliant on you, outsource all your responsibilities for two weeks as you really can’t do much.

I would also recommend getting an electric recliner chair as this was my best friend for the first month. It ensured I could sit in a comfortable position while recovering and it helped me get to standing position from being seated very easily. I also had a shower seat which meant I could sit and have long showers which helped me recover.

PSH: Is there anything you wish you knew before the surgery, about researching surgeons or the actual surgery itself?

Olivia: I felt very prepared by my Surgeon, he spent time and provided materials that ensured I understood the magnitude of what I was doing.

PSH: What surgeon/s did you have, and did you feel they did everything they should along the way?

Olivia: Dr Craig Rubinstein – absolutely outstanding. He went beyond my expectations and he and his team made every stage very easy for me. They have a very polished operation and at all times I felt looked after and every question and query I had was answered quickly and kindly.

PSH: How was your recovery and is there anything you would pass on to other patients having similar surgery?

Olivia: Don’t rush into anything too quickly. Take time to recover as it will pay off. I would also recommend preparing your body prior to surgery, eat healthy, drink plenty of water and do abdominal exercises like pilates. Your recovery will be a lot quicker if your body is prepared.

Tummy Tuck after Children
Before Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck after Children
After Tummy Tuck

PSH: How do you feel now in comparison to how you felt before your surgery?

Olivia: A lot less paranoid of my tummy, a lot leaner and generally happier.

PSH: How did your family and friends react to your surgery?

Olivia: I do receive compliments from my friends and family however I didn’t make a big deal about it as I didn’t want the attention. I really had this operation for me and my self esteem.

PSH: How has your quality of life/self esteem/happiness levels changed? What changes to your life do you see happening now that you’ve had your surgery?

Olivia: My self-esteem has definitely increased and for once I am not dreading getting into bathers this summer. I am just so grateful for the good work Dr Rubinstein did.

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