ASAPS Conference – Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Annual Conference

ASAPS Conference – Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Annual Current & Past Conference

Specialist Plastic Surgeons and their Practice Staff are always welcome at the ASAPS Conference. Here are some details of the

44th Annual ASAPS Conference – October 2022 Melbourne at Hotel Chadstone

ASAPS Conference

Featuring International Keynote Speakers

  • Dr Al Aly – Body Contouring after Massive Weightloss
  • Dr Rick Davis – Rhinoplasty Expert from the USA
  • Dr Stephen Mulholland from the USA

There will also be an ASAPS 2022  Business Management stream for Practice Management presentations with Speakers from Australia and Overseas

For more details about the 2022 ASAPS conference visit the ASAPS Events website


43rd Annual ASAPS Conference – October 2021 – Delivered Virtually due to Covid

2021 ASPS Conference

International Keynote Speakers included

  • Dr Stephen Cohen LA USA
  • Dr Brian Thornton Kentucky USA
  • Dr Paul Harris London UK
  • Dr Francisco Bravo – Madrid Spain
  • Dr Patrick Trevidic – France
  • Dr Ashkan Ghavami – LA USA
  • Dr Teoman Dogati – Istanbul Turkey

An ASAPS Practice Management Stream was also presented with International Speakers including Catherine Maley, Jon and Mara Shorr and John Berry from Yellow Telescope.

Find out More details about the 2021 ASAPS Virtual Conference

42nd Annual ASAPS Conference – October 2019 – Brisbane

The 42nd Annual Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) Conference was held from 3 – 6 October in Brisbane at the Sofitel Hotel.

Considered the must-attend conference of the year, the ASAPS Conference hosted a who’s who of the aesthetics industry with local and international speakers of the highest calibre. With some of Australia’s and the world’s most respected plastic surgeons and their clinic staff attending, the conference covers everything from facial, breast and contouring surgery to valuable advice about how to run an efficient and successful aesthetic practice.


ASAPS has an extensive program with something for everyone.
Photography by Francesco Vicenzi / Clinical Imaging

The ASAPS scientific program is unparalleled and a wide range of topics was covered with

International keynote speakers including

  • Dr Brad Calobrace (Kentucky, USA),
  • Dr Sam Hamra (Texas, USA),
  • Dr Andrew Jacono (NYC, USA),
  • Dr Dirk Richter (Germany)
  • Dr Lina Triana (Colombia).

Australia was  well-represented with some of our finest including Dr Bryan Mendelson, Dr Jeremy Hunt, Dr Jack Zoumaras, Dr Amira Sanki, Dr Craig Layt, Dr Michael Miroshnik, Dr Gavin Sandercoe and the Hunter Plastic Surgery team Dr Nicholas Moncrieff and his wife Amber Moncrieff known for her management of one of Australia’s most successful plastic surgery and aesthetic practices.

What makes this year’s conference unique is that it coincides with the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon’s Symposium (ISAPS) which will be held on 3 October and the Melbourne Advanced Facial Anatomy Course (MAFAC). Dr Amira Sanki, also Scientific Convenor for the ASAPS Annual Conference, said in ASAPS’ media release on the conference that this would be a weeklong educational event for visiting Plastic Surgeons. “We are delighted to have some heavy hitters from the international aesthetics community coming to speak.”

Dr Sanki also says that there are lots of new initiatives happening as part of this year’s Conference. “There will be a separate stream held for Specialist Plastic Surgeons who have recently leapt into private practice focussing on aesthetic breast surgery. The Aesthetic Breast Course will provide business and surgical pearls from leading surgeons to help ensure this transition is a smooth one. Practice staff are in for a real treat with a shake-up of the business sessions, starting with an offsite tour of two esteemed practices in Brisbane. This tour will provide a unique opportunity for attendees to peek behind the curtains and to take home some new thinking of how best to run an aesthetic practice.”

Dr Naveen Somia and Dr Mark Magnusson, two of Australia’s most respected plastic surgeons at last year’s conference will be back again this year. Photography by Francesco Vicenzi / Clinical Imaging

The program topics include not only all facets of plastic surgery but HR issues, social media and marketing, patient management and customer satisfaction and more. One of the highlights at the ASAPS conference is always the networking and social aspects with the Gala Dinner one of the year’s most anticipated social events. This year it will be held at one of Australia’s most hip hotels, the W Hotel.

Another of the elements that sets this conference apart is the huge exhibition of device companies showcasing and demonstrating their latest non-surgical devices and treatments. Some to watch out for when it comes to being at the forefront of technology, patient safety and results include High Tech LaserCostec and Cutera.

ASAPS is really a feast for the aesthetic senses, and Plastic Surgery Hub look forward to attending and getting as much information as possible, with surgeon and practitioner interviews, podcasts with device company representatives and all the most up-to-date news on the latest treatments, techniques and so much more.

The calibre of speakers and attendees, the workshops, the industry displays, the professional set-up from the very beginning to the end and of course, one of the highlights is always the Gala Ball!

I want to make special mention of one of the International Speakers Dr Sam Hamra, American Plastic Surgeon and one of the masters and ‘grandfathers’ of the plastic surgery industry. Dr Hamra announced his retirement earlier this year and while we were all sad to be losing the Creator of the Composite Facelift and one of the earlier pioneers of cosmetic plastic surgery, we were reminded how far this industry has come and that we have some truly talented and dedicated newer surgeons making a name for themselves on the international stage.

Surgeons such as Dr Jack Zoumaras and while it was his first time speaking at ASAPS, I suspect it won’t be his last. Speaking on facelift techniques, both these surgeons – older and newer – highlighted their passion and superior knowledge on facial surgery and it almost felt as though a baton was being passed.

Of course, we already have some truly ground-breaking and internationally recognised surgeons in Australia, including Dr Bryan Mendelson who was recognised and honoured as an Icon of Australian and indeed the World Plastic Surgery Industry at the 20th MAFACS and ISAPS conferences coordinated especially to coincide with ASAPS, held in the days prior to ASAPS also in Brisbane. Dr Mendelson’s contributions to facial plastic surgery in Australia and internationally has paved the way for many a facial surgeon and continues to do so. Dr Mendelson is absolutely considered one of Australia’s most prominent Plastic Surgeons and rightly so. We love Dr Mendelson and his dedication to improving patient outcomes for facial surgery, and without him we may not have the understanding of facial anatomy that we do today.


Dr Calabrace also spoke about marketing and management of Aesthetic Practices which was also covered with a Business Management Session tour to Valley Plastic Surgery in Brisbane, home to Dr Raymond Goh and Dr Matthew Peters, a highlight for many at the conference. While I didn’t get to go on this tour, I am a regular visitor to Valley Plastic Surgery and it is an excellent example of a highly respected and efficient aesthetic practice.

Another high respected and efficient aesthetic practice and team is Dr Nicholas Moncrieff and his wife Amber Moncrieff at Hunter Plastic Surgery. These guys and their team are absolutely amazing and the patient results they produce are some of the best in Australia. Giving an awesome presentation on the benefits and difficulties of an aesthetic practice in today’s environment, these guys know their stuff. Oh and how can I not mention Brooke Staughton from Cococ Ruby Plastic Surgery in Melbourne – I just love love loved her talk!

I also have to mention the amazing presentations we heard from Dr Michael Miroshnik – always mesmerising with his passion and knowledge for breast augmentation, possible complications and how to avoid them. I’ll be following this up with a couple of blog posts about them, so stay tuned!

Special mention to Dr Brad Calabrace who led the ASAPS Aesthetic Breast Course on Friday and another presentation on Saturday on the current approaches and implant selection in breast augmentation

Andy from J&J and I at the Mentor “Empowered Choice” display

One of the things that I just love at these conferences is the chance to see our surgeons and clinics’ focus on patient safety. Throughout the conference there were several discussions and references to ALCL and implant safety, with Dr Mark Magnusson and Dr Tim Papadopoulous giving especially informative and interesting talks on ALCL and what the industry and surgeons are doing to keep patients safe.

Interplast, a charity providing plastic surgery to under-privileged children in Asian countries where access to plastic surgery is not always a given, were represented at ASAPS and we heard about their week-long initiative coming up in early 2020. We were so inspired by their action to change lives (we regularly post Interplast stories here at the Hub) that we will be joining with them to help promote their initiative and will also have more on this in the coming months.

We learned about another initiative at the conference by Mentor called #empoweredchoice. Did you know that over 11,000 mastectomies are performed on women in Australia every year, but less than 2 out of 10 mastectomy patients in Australia get their breasts restored. Mentor are leading an initiative to change this – we encourage all of you to check this out on Instagram and Facebook.

Last but not least, a BIG SHOUTOUT to the band of plastic surgeons, and yes I mean musical band, who entertained us with some fantastic tunes that we could dance the night away to. Not only masters with their surgical instruments, but great with their musical instruments too.

41st Annual ASAPS Conference – October 2018 Auckland NZ – combined with NZAPS

Special Focus on Patient Safety

Specialist Plastic Surgeons from all over the world will be gathering in New Zealand this weekend when the highly anticipated annual 41st ASAPS conference is held in Auckland between 2 and 5 August. This year’s gathering will highlight Patient Safety, with the hope that a convergence of leading authorities can strengthen their resolve to put a halt to the growing number of rogue practitioners lowering the standards and safety of the aesthetics industry.

Images courtesy of Clinical Imaging

Recent years have seen an unprecedented growth in the aesthetics arena, with a scary number of unqualified and untrained practitioners taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers. Dr Naveen Somia, ASAPS Vice President and Chair of Education says in the ASAPS Press Release, “There has been a deliberate, and concerning, lowering of the medical standards surrounding cosmetic procedures by unscrupulous practitioners, preying on the vulnerabilities of patients who are looking for quick-fix solutions. What we would envisage seeing in today’s world a very high standard in training, facilities and infection control but sadly some of the cheap providers feel it is acceptable to compromise on safety to maximise profits.”




  • The 2018 ASAPS Conference was one of tthe best yet, with another exciting program and impressive local and
  • International keynote speakers including
  • Dr Jay Calvert from the USA
  • Dr Foad Nahai from the USA
  • Dr Kotaro Yoshimura from Japan
  • Dr Nimrod Friedman from Israel
  • Dr Emmanuel Delay from France
  • Australian Speakers included Dr Naveen Somia and others
  • Everything from facial surgery techniques to complementary non-surgical treatments, blepharoplasty to rhinoplasty, breast surgery techniques to building a better business and looking after your staff will be discussed, with the usual host of informative and practical workshops will keep every attendee engaged… not to mention the coveted social events and chance to network with some of the greatest minds in the aesthetics industry.
  • The ASAPS Conferences are renowned for being the go-to industry event of the year and many of Australia’s leading plastic surgeons will be in attendance, contributing to an effort to increase awareness of the urgent need for a refocus onto patient safety.

40th Annual ASAPS Conference – October 2018 Melbourne

“Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery”

This coming weekend it’s that time of the year again when the who’s who of the aesthetics industry come together to rub shoulders and discuss the latest innovations and techniques in plastic and cosmetic surgery. This year the annual ASAPS (Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) Conference is celebrating 40 years and have chosen to highlight “Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery” as the theme throughout the conference. Held at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne, this event promises to deliver and offers world renowned international and our home grown Aussie keynote speakers and attendees.

Production House Events have put together a weekend jam packed with celebrations including the always fun and much anticipated gala dinner where attendees have an opportunity to rub shoulders with colleagues, luminaries and friends. With a focus on Breast and Body Surgery, Neck, Eyelid and Facial Surgery the weekend also includes the highest of quality and respected speakers with scientific and business sessions to ensure each attendee comes out of the conference with new knowledge and appreciation for the innovative and amazing aesthetics industry.

International Keynote speakers included

  • Dr Bill Adams from the USA,
  • Dr Giovanni Botti from Italy,
  • Dr Daniel Labbe from France,
  • Dr Lorne Rosenfield from the USA

and of course some of our best Australian plastic surgeons including Dr Mark Magnusson (current ASAPS president), Dr Anand Deva, Dr Naveen Somia and Dr Scott Ingram.

Topics include breast implants and the ongoing debate as to which type is best, ie. Anatomical vs Round, Textured vs Smooth, etc., the latest techniques for augmentation, abdominoplasty, Brazilian butt lift and business sessions with insights as to how you can make your business more successful, including why embracing the non-surgical treatments is important for a plastic and cosmetic surgery business to move forward. The organisers also haven’t forgotten about the Practice Managers of the industry who are often the ones who keep the surgeons and their clinics running successfully. There are workshops and sessions tailored specifically for them and their role in the industry. This doesn’t even touch the surface of the other topics that will be discussed – if you’d like to check out the program for yourself click here.

Well, 40th birthdays are usually more memorable than others and the ASAPS 40th Annual Conference was held in Melbourne  and certainly lived up to that expectation, for more than one reason! The main reason of course was the calibre of industry professionals in attendance with some of Australia’s and indeed the world’s top plastic surgeons, staff, and practice managers.

Held on the beautiful, sunny Gold Coast, the 39th ASAPS Conference 2016 was much more than just about the extremely informative presentations by world-renowned surgeons and keynote speakers – although these were a hugely convincing drawcard in this Sold Out event. This year, there were also some impressive social events for attendees and their families that made it a year to remember.

International Keynote Speakers included

  • Dr Richard Bensimon for USA
  • Dr Brian Kinney from USA
  • Dr William Binder from the US
  • Dr Constantin Stan from Romania,

With Plastic Surgery industry heavyweights such as Dr Bryan Mendelson, Dr Naveen Somia and Dr Mark Magnusson from Australia,  as well as many other highly qualified and leading plastic surgery experts, the program was of unparalleled quality.

It was almost information overload but this is an event that the industry shouldn’t miss to keep up with all the latest developments, changes, techniques and news. The topics cover almost every area of plastic surgery including facial surgery, all things breast from breast augmentation to implants to gynecomastia, liposuction to labiaplasty, cell harvesting to non-surgical aesthetic treatments, and so much more.

The other thing I love about the ASAPS conference is the practice manager sessions, for staff of practices and clinics. They have lots of info on Practice Management, HR issues, Social Media and Marketing, Patient Management and Customer Satisfaction as well as various other topics. These sessions are interactive and designed for Practice Managers to get involved. As always, making sure the patients are well looked after.

39th ASAPS Conference

Family Friendly and Social Events

39th ASAPS ConferenceThis year, whether it’s because the event was at the Gold Coast or not, there was a variety of social events on the ASAPS calendar that kept attendees, their husbands, wives, and kids busy! As well as breakfast, lunch and dinner events on each of the days; such as the welcome reception at Seaworld, and the Conference Gala Dinner which stands alone as a must attend annual networking event combined with the chance to let your hair down; there was family yoga, kid’s masterchef classes, family sushi masterclass and jetboating to name a few. The beach soiree to end the event was as always a highlight! Kick off those shoes!!

One of the real bonuses of attending these ASAPS conferences is the chance to mingle and network with others that as passionate about the aesthetics and plastic surgery industry. I was also able to get some great interviews with some awesome surgeons, as well as some blog content that I’ll get out to you in the coming weeks.

Oh, and thanks again to The Production House Events – the organisers of the 39th ASAPS conference – another huge success!! TPHE are absolutely amazing – each event they do just gets better and better.

Thank you to all involved ????

39th ASAPS Conference      39th ASAPS Conference    39th ASAPS Conference

The 38th Annual Meeting of the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery was held at the Hilton Sydney over the weekend of 22-25 October 2015 focussed on body-contouring, breast and facial plastic surgery with some amazing Australian and international speakers and presentations that once again delighted and “wowed” me.

International Keynote Speakers

  • Dr Joseph Hunstad from North Carolina in USA
  • Dr Nimrod Friedman from Tel Aviv Israel
  • Dr Ewa Siolo from Poland / South Africa – liposuction for body contouring.
  • Dr James Grotting, current President of ASAPS in the US will present on revisionary breast surgery and Dr Joseph Hunstad, also from the US, will be chatting to us about body contouring.

One of the highlights was Dr Joseph Hunstad from North Carolina in the US, considered one of the best plastic surgeons in America (having developed his own recognised techniques and even invented his own surgical tools), spoke about various Abdominoplasty techniques including the Fleur-de-Lis (where you are cut from one side of your flank to the other and then up your middle to pull everything in together tighter); different to a straight abdominoplasty; different again to the Circumferential Abdominoplasty Lipectomy. He said the goal is always just 3 words “thin, tight, flat”. Perfect, we love that!

38th ASAPS ConferenceDr Nimrod Friedman from Tel Aviv in Israel had some really insightful presentations on fat transfer, the pros and cons; and the right and wrong techniques for facial rejuvenation (specifically with fillers). I was lucky enough to sit down and chat to Dr Freeman, and I’ll keep you posted on this – definitely worth a look for any of you interested in fat transfer.

The last speaker I’d like to make special mention of was Dr Ewa Siolo, originally from Poland but educated and trained in South Africa. A lady in the middle of a field dominated by men, Dr Siolo was a breath of fresh air with her energy and I was so encouraged and amazed by her stories of her work in South Africa (with its own share of intense history and current traditions), and her involvement in the latest and cutting edge technology of stem cell research and its connection to plastic surgery.

Australian Speakers include Dr Mark Magnusson and Dr Tim Papadopoulos… the list of industry masters is almost endless and is sure to make for another wonderful event.

The highly esteemed Dr Bryan Mendelson from Melbourne, VIC was a really exciting speaker we were really privileged to hear speak about periorbital glamorisation – yes, I hear you ask, what on earth is that?! Basically, it is rejuvenation around the eyes, and Dr Mendelson is extremely well known for being one of the best facial surgeons in the world, so his discussions on the subject had me glued to my seat.

38th ASAPS Conference

One of the things that I always get out of these conferences is the enthusiasm and dedication of the surgeons to their craft – those attending, and those speaking. For almost all of these amazing doctors and surgeons, plastic surgery is not just a job; it is a chosen lifestyle and passion. So many of them volunteer their time to charity and research, write papers on their chosen fields and areas of expertise, and take the time to educate others on their findings and knowledge.

Once again, the ASAPS Conference event organisers The Production House Events (TPHE) put on a spectacular conference from beginning to end. 200 Plastic Surgeons spent 4 days learning cutting edge developments from leading international plastic surgeons, and this helps to raise the bar of Australian Plastic Surgery and the industry in general. I’d like to thank all the people involved at the forefront and behind the scenes for making it one of the most worthwhile weekends of my year.

One of the best things about these events is the networking and the morning and afternoon teas and lunches where you can mingle with and corner some of the brilliant surgeons and doctors at the forefront of the industry. It is here that you learn which surgeons are most respected by their peers and which are the ones obviously playing a massive part in the changing scenery of the aesthetics industry in our corner of the world.

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