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The Enlighten Pico laser is optimised for efficient and easy use. It has instant and independent adjustment of spot-size, wavelength and repetition rate, with the highest pulse energies in its class (up to 3x greater energy), which enables individualised patient treatments.

Similar to other lasers when it comes to the actual procedure and process of the treatment, the results from the Enlighten, especially when it comes to tattoo removal, are being seen as revolutionary. The results are speaking for themselves (see photos and read our blogs).

Enlighten also features a smart 12.1” touchscreen that’s simple to navigate and a quick 2 minute start-up time with real-time parameter calibration, enabling quick treatments.

Q. What wavelengths does Enlighten use?

A. Enlighten incorporates two wavelengths, 1064nm and 532 nm. These wavelengths were chosen because of their versatility in treating tattoo ink colours and benign pigmented conditions, offering the safest and most effective treatment solutions for all skin types.

Q. What pulse durations are available on Enlighten?

A. Enlighten is the first device in its class to incorporate two pulse durations, 750 picoseconds and 2 nanoseconds. With the ability to choose between picosecond and nanosecond pulse durations, practitioners can choose the ideal pulse for the targeted condition. This increases the versatility of conditions that Enlighten can treat. There is no other single device on the market that incorporates this capability.

Q. Are there different handpieces for the different wavelengths or pulse durations?

A. No, Enlighten has a motorized zoom handpiece that delivers the full range of spot sizes.

Q. How well do patients tolerate the Enlighten treatment?

A. Enlighten treatments are similar to Q-switched treatments. In a side- by-side study comparing Enlighten with Q-switched laser for comfort and treatment results, 100% of respondents preferred Enlighten.

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