Donna’s Story – Her weight loss and upcoming tummy tuck

Donna's Story - Her weight loss and upcoming tummy tuck

Meet Donna, she is booked in to have her first tummy tuck in late June of this year. Her story is one everyone should read, her weight loss and determination is an inspiration to all especially those trying to lose weight, have lost weight, or are in a similar situation to Donna.

The moment Donna knew she needed to do something about her weight was the day she went in for a doctor’s appointment and witnessed a lady die of a heart attack right in front of her. Not even the doctor could do anything to save her; by the time they got to her it was already too late.

“A moment I will never forget!” Donna explained.

From that very moment, Donna knew she wanted to live a long healthy life for the sake of her daughters who are aged 18 and 3 years old.

Aged 43 Donna was at her heaviest at 219 kg. She had lapband surgery in January 2008 and got her weight down to 100kg. Unfortunately there were some complications with her lapband and it had to be removed. Donna then gained another 70 kg over 3 years and finally went in for a gastric sleeve in April 2013.

Donna currently weighs 96kg and is still in the process of losing weight before she heads in for her tummy tuck in June. She has successfully lost weight through a disciplined eating routine with smaller portions and much healthier foods. On top of her diet she sticks to a vigorous exercise plan of exercising up to 2-3 hours a day.

Donna chose her doctor Dr. Mark Moore in North Adelaide, through plenty of research and of course great pricing. After her initial consultation she had a good feeling about this doctor, and mentioned the ease in being able to ask information from the supporting staff.

In preparation for her tummy tuck Donna is doing her best to continue losing weight. Toning up and strengthening her body for the operation; particularly her abs as she has undergone a number of surgeries on her stomach area – 4 hernias, 2 cesareans, 1 lapband, lapband removal, gall bladder removal and gastric sleeve.

Donna knows with the amount of experience she has had with surgery already that the best way to prepare is to plan plan plan.

Donna feels apprehensive about not being able to exercise after the operation while she heals. And the fact that she has to fly home to Newcastle from Adelaide after her surgery, but all in all the positives far outweigh any negatives that come with the operation.

“I’m excited to see the new me! For me this will be the end of the old me and the start of the new improved me” explains Donna.

Make sure you stay tuned to the Plastic Surgery Hub as we will bring you the results of Donna’s tummy tuck once the procedure has been completed.