Kathy Parrey – Her Weight Loss Journey

Kathy's Weight Loss Journey

Amazing women are everywhere.

Here’s a story of one of them.

Kathy’s come a long way to achieving her goals. It wasn’t too long ago she was riddled with pain in her back, knees and hips and barely able to function on a daily basis. Kathy had been obese most of her adult life and in December of 2013 she decided enough is enough! She started her weight loss journey by having vertical gastric sleeve surgery and so far today she has lost 62kgs! She says her goal is 70kg and she’s almost there.

KathyPeople may think that when you lose weight that’s it, it’s done and dusted. This is not always so. For some that’s only the first part of their journey. Some people that have achieved a massive weightloss can be left with stretched skin that sags and depending on the amount of weight you have lost, that skin can weigh kilos and kilos. In Kathy’s words, “I have an extreme amount of loose skin over my whole body. To tell the truth I say that I look like something that crawled out of a swamp. I am horrific. Other than the body, I would say that I am not unattractive, but all I can see is massive amounts of loose skin. It disturbs me greatly and I can never feel normal until it’s gone.”

Losing large amounts of weight can also affect the shape of your breasts. As Kathy says, “My breasts look like two pancakes that have been pinned onto my chest.” Kathy recently had a consult with a plastic surgeon in Adelaide to talk about breast augmentation, and as soon as she raises the funds, she’s going to have the surgery. “I’m 100% ready to do this. I’m not scared at all; I’m excited. I just want to be normal again and not be horrified at what I see in the mirror every time I take off my clothes for a shower or to get changed.”

Kathy’s honesty is refreshing. She says she’s proud of what she’s done and enjoys telling people. “I get upset that so many hide their story in shame and embarrassment. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I have a huge happy and positive attitude towards what I took on. Why not? I’ve come a long bloody way and I’m so grateful that there is Weight Loss Surgery to help people like us. It’s given me my life back and I live my life now with a whole new attitude. I love life. I have a terrible fear of heights but now I won’t even say no to height challenges. I’ve spent my life saying no but never again. Even if I’m scared I now say yes yes yes!!”

We think Kathy is brave and such a wonderful advocate for the positive results that can come from weight loss surgery. We have asked Kathy to let us know how her breast augmentation and skin removal surgery goes. Good luck Kathy!

Don’t know about you, but in my mind, this is reconstructive surgery. Why isn’t that covered by medicare?

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