Eliza’s Story – I’m having my breast implants taken out

Eliza's Story - I'm having my breast implants taken out

Eliza’s story is one that every woman thinking about breast implants should read. She has bravely decided her implants are not for her and she is in the process of having them taken out.

“I have implants and I’m having them completely taken out.”

Eliza got her breast implants when she was 23 years old. She was a competitive runner for most of the early years of her life. With weight and fitness taken into account she was completely flat chested and opted to have a breast augmentation that would take her boobs up to a 12DD.

“At 23 I decided I wanted to give up competitive running and change my looks, get a boyfriend and the whole shebang. I would say that it is something that I did rush into” explains Eliza.

Eliza is now 27 and is going into surgery to have her implants taken out.

“I was at a stage in my life where I was completely lacking in confidence. I just thought that getting breasts would perhaps make me feel better. Since I had the boob job four years ago my confidence has grown a lot, but the kind of guys that are attracted to me because of my new breasts, aren’t the kinds of guys I want to be with. And I’m athletic, they don’t suit me and they feel fake. I don’t want to feel like that anymore.”

Eliza explained that in the last 12 months she is now more involved in running and extreme sports than ever before. Her breasts now get in the way of her sports, hence why Eliza is going into surgery to have them taken out.

Her surgeon placed the implants under the muscle of the breast, which gives them a very “real” look and people always compliment her on how “real” they look. But to Eliza they feel fake both mentally and physically and explained that it is something that she underestimated.

“The surgeon warned me there would be less sensation, but I can’t feel anything. No sensation.”
Eliza explains that this has been a problem during intimacy.

Eliza has opted for a different surgeon to take them out only because she wants them out now, and her original surgeon can’t take them out until a later date. Eliza says she has nothing against the surgeon that first did her implants even though he did persuade her to get DD breasts.

“I want to be natural again and whoever is going to love me is going to love me for me, I’m older and my confidence is up. And the need to take them out is something I have definitely thought through. It’s going to be a massive change going from 12DD back to completely natural which is a very small size.”

“I will feel happy and more confident with myself. Especially when I’m breastfeeding and having kids. They have to come out eventually so I just thought you know what, cut your losses and get them out now” says Eliza.

Eliza’s advice to anyone looking to undergo a breast enlargement is to really think it through and consider the reasons you are doing it and know that there may be things you don’t like about them once implanted.

“Just write down the reasons why you want them and how you think they will really make a difference to your life. Think of these things before you go in for your first consultation with your surgeon because you may come out of there convinced that you want to go ahead with the breast enlargement.”

“Ask yourself are they really going to make you any happier?”

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