Rachael’s Mummy Makeover with Dr Nicholas Moncrieff – a Life Changing Journey

Rachael's Mummy Makeover

I struggle to put into words my experience with the team at HPS and Dr Nicholas Moncrieff, from the very beginning when I made the first contact to now, 4 months post op they have been beyond incredible.

I had lost over 40 kilos and was ready to take the next step and explore my surgical options but after two consults with different surgeons in Sydney it felt like it was unachieveable.

I walked out of those consults feeling extremely down and had little hope. My friend who had been following Dr Moncrieff’s work suggested I book in to see him and wow am I grateful that I did. I first saw the practice manager Jess and had some pics taken, she immediately made me feel like I wasn’t just a number and that I would definitely be taken care of, then came my appointment with Dr Moncrieff and much to my surprise he was the same, made me feel incredibly comfortable, valued but most of all he listened, he listened to everything I said, he answered my questions and left no stone unturned!

I wasted no time and booked my surgery straight away! The lead up was great I was so incredibly nervous but everyone made me feel comfortable and assured me I would be ok.

Rachael's Mummy Makeover
Life Changing Mummy Makeover Surgery

I had a full tummy tuck, breast reduction and lift and liposuction in my arms and thighs. The best part of my recovery was being able to phone to surgery almost everyday and speak to Kylie who had been through surgery and knew exactly what I was going through, she answered my incredibly stupid questions and dealt with my emotional roller coaster that I was on, in saying that she did it with no problems at all and always made me feel like I wasn’t crazy and assured me it was all normal.

Nurse Alecia took so much care with my post op appointments and was so gentle knowing how scared I was of having the stitches removed and readings changed, once again making me feel so cared for the whole time, and not to mention the huge confidence boost I got every visit!

Dr Moncrieff came to visit me twice a day whilst I was in hospital, he made sure I was receiving the best care by the hospital staff and always ensured I was comfortable and felt safe in my recovery. What made me feel even better was the respect all of the hospital staff had for Dr Moncrieff, one nurse said to me “when we see that there are Dr Moncrieff’s patients on the ward, we know that everything has been done properly, he really takes care of his patients” this was amazing to hear, they really hold so much regard for him so I knew I was in great hands!

My results are absolutely life changing and you can absolutely tell the time Dr Moncrieff took to ensure my body looked amazing. You can follow my journey, results and many others on the Hunter Plastic Surgery instagram page.

I strongly encourage people to do their research and never settle for anything less than perfect which is exactly what you will get at HPS!

Rachael's Mummy Makeover
With Dr Nick Moncrieff and Nurse Alecia

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