Jasmine’s Breast Reduction with Dr Nicholas Moncrieff

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Jasmine, a 22 year old nurse from Canberra lost a large amount of weight and her sagging breasts were causing her pain and affecting her self-esteem. After a lot of research, both in her home town of Canberra and nationally around Australia, Jasmine discovered Dr Nicholas Moncrieff, Plastic Surgeon in Newcastle. Jasmine says she’s just so thankful she found him and it was more than worth the trip up to see him. This is her story.

Jasmine is so happy with her breast reduction from Dr Nicholas Moncrieff

Why did you want surgery?

Having lost 25kg and I was left with sad saggy breasts causing a lot of back/neck problems as well as a lack of self confidence at 21. Clothes didn’t fit properly and working out was a struggle.

How did you do your research?

Living in Canberra there weren’t a lot of local options so I expanded my research and looked at Sydney and across Australia. I saw the I’m so glad I found out about Dr Moncrieff on Instagram one morning and convinced my mother to let me have my reduction in Newcastle as I really liked all their before and afters and lots of real women on their page.

Jasmine says Dr Moncrieff has changed her life.

Was travelling to Newcastle for your surgery easy or hard?

The decision to travel the 5 hours from Canberra to Newcastle was made really easy with everyone at HPS really accommodating with appointments etc.

What was your experience like with Dr Moncrieff?

I can not recommend Dr Moncrieff and his team at Hunter Plastic Surgery enough!

From the first consult meeting Dr Moncrieff to now being over 6 months post op #moncrieffmagic for a breast reduction and lift my experience has been nothing but amazing, this has been something I have wanted for a long time and Dr Moncrieff made me feel very comfortable.

The post op care has been incredible and nurse Alecia has been lovely and explains everything and always available to answer questions!


How do you feel now?

I never thought I’d get the results I wanted, I’m super excited for the future and all the cute bras I can now wear!


If you’d like more information about Dr Nicholas Moncrieff you can visit his website, or phone his friendly team on (02) 4920 7700. Here’s some more patient stories from Dr Nicholas Moncrieff.

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