Elizabeth’s Breast Augmentation in USA

Elizabeth - Real Story
Elizabeth Breast Augmentaiton
Elizabeth before her breast augmentation

I had my breast augmentation in December 2013, at Georgia Plastic Surgery in Atlanta Georgia. I am 23 years old (I was 22 when I had surgery) and 5’11” tall weighing 160 lbs. The surgery was a graduation gift to myself as I had graduated from college in May 2013 with my nursing degree.

I have always been a very active person. I have been a dancer ever since I was 5, and danced all through my childhood and continued on my college’s competitive dance team. While I really liked the tall, thin, body with a little wider frame, my small breasts always bothered me. I was basically flat chested all through high school, until the middle of my senior year. At that point I had already made up my mind that I wanted to get my breasts done. Once they started to grow, I wanted to see how big I would get before having surgery. My breasts slowly grew over the next year to be a 36 medium A.

By now I was busy with college and decided to wait for surgery. Finally senior year of college came around, and I started to work out more than in the past. Soon I noticed that my bras were starting to fit a little lose, and I was having to tighten the straps up just a little.

Elizabeth Breast Augmentaiton
Elizabeth after her breast augmentation

At this point I got serious about getting a breast augmentation. I started doing lots of research on the internet and went to many consultations. I ended up finding my surgeon through my job hunting. I had interviewed with my surgeon for an opening that he had coming for a surgical tech as one was retiring.

A few weeks later, at the second interview I accepted the position, and having felt very comfortable with him at this point, I decided to have him do my breast surgery. We decided to do the surgery ahead of my start date, so I would not miss work time right away.

I ended up getting 400cc saline implants under the muscle with the areola incision. I went from a 36 medium A to a 36 full C. I went with saline as I wanted a very small incision, and the saline is healthier for your body if they should ever leak.

One year later my incisions are barely noticeable, as they have blended right in with the darker skin of my areolas. The incisions were only 1 inch long each and they were placed on the bottom edge of my areolas.

Elizabeth Breast Augmentaiton
Elizabeth after her breast augmentation

The full C size is perfect for me, as I wanted to be bigger than my existing A s, look natural at the same time, and I wanted to still be athletically active.

Surgery took only 1 hour and I was home a few hours later. I did not have a lot of severe pain, mostly it was discomfort from all the pressure and stiffness from the small incisions made to go under the muscle. After a week of recovery I was mostly back to normal, just not being able to lift much. After 5 weeks my implants had dropped perfectly and were nice and soft.

I wanted to have a very natural look and I could not have asked for a better result. People are very surprised when I tell them that I have implants. They look and feel completely natural. My boyfriend even says they feel and look totally natural. Several of my friends have told me that my fake breasts look and feel better than their natural ones, one of which is getting hers done soon.

I am a volunteer dance coach now for the same team I was a part of in grade school, my bigger breasts do not bother me at all dancing, two sports bras and I am good to go. Overall I love the results I have!!! I would repeat the entire experience again without any changes.

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