Dr Joseph Rizk Explains Breast Explant Procedure

Dr Joseph Rizk

Breast Explant with Dr Joseph Rizk – What does it look like after implant removal surgery?

Dr Joseph Rizk explains breast explant procedure, also referred to as a breast implant removal, which is becoming much more popular in recent years. Dr Rizk is a highly respected plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in Sydney.

Removing implants is a common option for women either concerned about ALCL, wanting to replace their implants with fat transfer, having issues with their implants or the implants just no longer fitting in with their lifestyle.

Dr Rizk recently performed an explant surgery on Brooke who shared her journey through her before and after images with us.

You can also find out more about Dr Rizk on his website.

Dr Joseph Rizk
Brooke shared her explant journey with us to show us the different stages and processes involved in the explant.
Dr Joseph Rizk
Brooke is much happier after her explant surgery with Dr Joseph Rizk.

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