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The main reason patients undergo an explant surgery is for the removal of a breast implant. This is most commonly done due to capsular contracture – or leakage and rupture of the breast implant that can cause Breast Implant Illness.

Once Breast Implant Illness has been diagnosed, regardless of the type of implant used, the sooner you are treated, the better. All faulty breast implants can potentially impair our immune system once the shell of the implant deteriorates; releasing toxins that allow contamination to occur in our body. In the vast majority of cases, Breast Implant Illness is treated with surgery.


A Capsulectomy is the surgical removal of the capsule that surrounds the breast implant. Regardless of the implant type, all breast implants have the ability to impair our immune system if the silicone shell deteriorates releasing toxins and allowing contamination to enter our body.


A Closed Capsulotomy refers to a procedure where the surgeon breaks down capsule tissue while leaving the implant in place using vigorous compression. The capsule of the surrounding tissue of a breast implant is surgically removed.

Q. How long does Breast Implant Removal Surgery take?

A. This operation can take as little as an hour. The procedure provides little to no pain after the surgery that is definitely tolerable for the vast majority of women.
Most women claim that breast enhancement surgery as a far more difficult recovery period compared to breast implant removal. As with any surgery, recovery depends on how experienced your surgeon is and if care of the wound is correctly adhered to after the procedure.

Q. How Safe Is the Procedure?

A. There is little to nothing to worry about, as this procedure is safe. The surgeon will perform it while you are under anaesthesia or complete sedation. An anaesthesiologist monitors your vital signs all throughout the entire length of the procedure.
During the recovery phase, a long-acting local anaesthetic drug is administered, so that you are as comfortable and painless as possible.

Q. What Happens After The Procedure?

A. After the actual breast implant removal, the next phase is recovery. Pain is minimal. The incision is also comfortable because of the anaesthetic. The incision generally takes up to a week, or two to heal. It is recommended to wear loose clothing for at least a week or two.

Q. Are There Any Complications With a Breast Implant Removal?

A. There are little-known cases of complications when it comes to this type of procedure. The most common, though minor complication is bleeding, tenderness and infections, though this is rare.