The Diary of a Tummy Tuck Patient Day 7

Diary of a tummy tuck patient day 7

So people, as today’s it’s been exactly a week since I had my Apronectomy done so here’s my update on how I’m doing for those of you following.

So, after 4 nights in hospital was let out Sunday and home bound much to my excitement may I add. Now, as nice as a hospital was and the staff omg just amazing – I really was looking forward to going home, unsure why thou now as apart from my 6yr old son, I’ve had no visitors, no one has came around to see me, just me, the kid and the cats until the husband gets home from work. Have struggled a lot with cabin fever, boredom has well and truly kicked in that’s for sure, I’m struggling mentally with this as I’m an aged care nurse. I work a lot, plus I’m very active and have a large family so am always on the go.

So let’s talk pain, binders, sleep, mobility etc. I haven’t needed endone since 48hrs after procedure and then was switched to paracetamol 4hrly but haven’t had any since being home. I do however feel like a horse has repeatedly kicked me in the abdomen region, and a big horse too. The binder does my head in, I cherish the 30mins a day or so whilst I shower and take my time to get dressed for the day just so I can breathe. Sleep is difficult. This does not positively contribute to mental health situation as I’m being cooped up all day. I am normally a tummy and side sleeper so having to sleep on my back is killing me, I do however awake a few times throughout the night and I’m on my side it kills so I move back then starts the roller coaster ride of trying to fall asleep again. Walking around I feel like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Takes a few secs to get going once up off the couch and baby steps – more like shuffling… getting up out of bed I feel like a turtle that’s rolled over onto its shell and can’t get up some mornings. Some days are worse than others but I am well aware this road to recovery was going to be a long and arduous one, one that was going to test all of me, and so far it has done that and more. Days of buyers remorse are real, days of crying and feeling helpless are real, days where I stare at myself in the mirror and can’t believe how swollen and puffy certain parts of me are and I imagine will get worse before they get better. I have to remind myself that I’m just human, I’m having these irrational thoughts and unrealistic thoughts and it’s all normal. My husband constantly reminds me I just had major abdominal surgery and it all takes time and I need to remember this and stop being so hard on myself. You don’t realise how you take for granted what you used to be able to do until you can no longer do said things, like jumping in the car to go to shops etc.

Anyways that’s me, that’s where I am at seven days into this road. 4 weeks of being at home I have all up, please send patience.

2yrs post op gastric sleeve 152kgs- 87kgs
2.49kgs of excess skin removed

Was cut from hip to hip,belly button relocated and drainage tubes removed day 3, healing exceptionally well according to doctors and nurses.

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