I Refreshed My Life, Inside and Out with the VIE Institute

VIE Institute

We all need a pick up every now and then, but when Debra decided she wanted to refresh her life she made changes to her life inside and out! Debra’s story is inspiring for any of us out there who feel as though we have got into a rut, or as though life is passing us by. It is never too late to reassess and change your habits and lifestyle, and Debra gives us an insight into how it’s done. Oh, and just for the record, believe it or not, she is 63!! Yes that’s not a misprint, she’s 63!! OMGGGGggggggg.

Here’s what Debra had to say to us ….

Q: What motivated you to have your plastic surgery or should we say non-surgical procedures?

I had been a widow for a few years and felt old and tired both inside and outside. I decided to make a few changes in my life and entered a new relationship, retired from my job and moved to the beautiful Sunshine Coast to be with my new partner. With time now on my hands and a desire to refresh my life both cosmetically and spiritually, I went into VIE Institute for a consultation.

Q: Can you tell us what was involved in your procedures and give us a bit of a step by step of your part in the process?

Over the next year I received Botulinium toxin, facial fillers and lip enhancement. All of which I was delighted with. And what really impressed me was how Jan (Injection Nurse) actually talked me out of a few procedures during the years telling me I did not need it. VIE Institute was not just a moneymaking venue – they really cared about quality and their client. I suppose I did run the risk of looking like a fish! During the first year I was introduced to good skin care.

DebraQ: Did it all run smoothly, or were there any unexpected trials or hurdles along the way?

During this first year I made a few attempts at skin care not really believing this was going to add to my overall personal appearance. How wrong was I! I began to notice I had a new glowing look about me. Part of that may have been my new lifestyle, but realistically it was how I was now adhering to the skin management procedures I was introduced to. I began to receive comments about how great I looked and I found myself waking up in the morning and actually stroking my skin it felt so dewy and soft. Fine lines around my eyes and mouth disappeared. Michelle the Beautician knew my lifestyle and me, and changed my skin routine, as I needed it. I began to trust her to the point of just allowing her to tell me what I needed and when, which I then dutifully carried out the at home skin care. I could not be more delighted with the results.

I began to need less and less injectables and found that a few years would go by and I would realize I had not had an injectable! They tell me injectables last longer when you have great skin.

I constantly have people commenting on how young I look. I am 63. On a recent visit to farewell colleagues from my old work place (six years now retired) I had former colleagues approach me with comments on how wonderful I looked and how young! Last year visiting my partner’s homeland (Netherlands) there was much discussion after we left on how I could not possibly be in my 60’s! Last week I was in hospital for a knee replacement and a nurse looked at my chart and then at me (no make-up on, bed head) and said I cannot believe you are 63!

I went to a competing cosmetic clinic business and after a consultation was quoted thousands of dollars of injectables. I went back to VIE Institute and questioned these procedures and was told I did not need them. I will continue with the skin care and the occasional injectable. When women comment on my great skin and youthful appearance I direct them to VIE.

If you would like more information about the VIE Institute on the Sunshine Coast click here or head to their website.