Dr Malcolm Linsell – Helping women get their bodies and confidence back

Dr Malcolm Linsell Interview

I love my kids… And I want my body back!

Dr Linsell is a well respected Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon. Among other specialties Dr Linsell is known for his work with mothers wanting to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies as well as women over 35 who want to feel a whole lot better about themselves. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today.

PSH: It’s interesting to think that at the same time the average age that women are choosing to have children is rising, that the cosmetic and plastic surgery industries are becoming more accessible and accepted in society than ever before. What do you see as being the most popular increasingly asked for procedure for you at the moment?

Dr Linsell: You know it’s really interesting because you’re right, plastic surgery has become more socially acceptable and I think that’s one of the major reasons why women are seeking these sorts of procedures. The most common operation is still probably still breast augmentation. Liposuction is also common, and in my hands in particular is abdominoplasty because it’s something I’ve taken a real interest in over the last 25 years or so. I think the use of liposuction with abdominoplasty to give a more contoured result for a woman’s tummy… most women, after they’ve had their pregnancies hate their tummies. Particularly because the skin’s loose, they’ve got fat they just can’t get rid of no matter how much diet or exercise they do. And in particular, the muscle that has given them a flat tummy up until they started to have children just doesn’t come back together again in the midline. And they’re wanting a more shapely, tighter, flatter tummy… and that’s what we offer, with a suction assisted abdominoplasty where we combine liposuction with a traditional abdominoplasty.

PSH: OK, because I had an abdominoplasty for that very reason, but there was no liposuction around then, it was a long time ago. And I just know how it made me feel, that skin made me feel absolutely gutted. I didn’t even want to look at myself in the mirror or anything. So I know what it’s like for a woman who wants to get this done and how much better it makes her feel; and I know that that is one of your favourite parts of your job.

Dr Linsell: It is. Women hate it. It’s the effects of pregnancy which in the past, essentially women just put up with it. But, nowadays there’s more choice. Yes, women are having children at a later age; they are financially independent and they are choosing and saying, “Look, this is what I want to do”. It’s not that they want to look different; it’s not because they want to look better – they want to go back to their more youthful them… their more youthful bodies; and to give them that with their tummy, breasts or faces is just something that I love to do. Because when a woman feels confident, when she feels happier about herself, then everybody benefits. In particular her partner; and also her children, but I think that everybody who comes into contact with her. I had a husband recently, who six months after I did a tummy tuck for a lady he said “It’s as if she shines from within”. And I thought for a husband to be saying that, that’s awesome. But, that’s always been there, and I think we’re just unlocking it, because she’s now got the confidence back to actually be who she really is.

PSH: Yes, exactly, and we do get quite a lot of backlash from people saying “why can’t you just be happy with what you’ve got” and I always say “more power to you if you’re happy that’s fine but if you’ve got multiple issues you can’t explain how that feels”.

Dr Linsell: That’s exactly right.

PSH: You know, I cried when my bandages came off I couldn’t believe it. But yes, I know exactly how that is. Because of the increasing in confidence, and it’s a lot more socially accepted by people as well, but we also get a massive amount of enquiries from a lot of massive weight loss people who’ve had bariatric surgery and then need to have things done to make themselves happy; it’s almost like the next step… do you do many of those surgeries as well?

Dr Linsell: Particularly for me, because my specialty is abdominoplasty, I often do the abdominoplasty side of it where some of my other colleagues are better at doing so called body lifts and other parts of that, so for me it’s mostly abdominoplasty and also some breast surgery.

PSH: So, for example, you work as a team, whoever is best at that part does that part, whoever is best at this part does this part…

Dr Linsell: I’m really privileged both working in Melbourne and in Queensland I work with guys I’ve known for more than 20 years. So, Plastic Surgeons, say in Melbourne have more than 60 years experience, and it’s similar in Queensland actually, and so if there’s something that I think that someone else is better at doing then we actually refer to each other. And often we can operate together, so the patient can get a better result.

PSH: Now, I get asked this a lot; as far as doing more than one procedure at a time is there a limit as to how long you think someone is safe to be on the table, or does it depend?

Dr Linsell: It’s a great question and I think that’s one of the major advances over the last 25 years… the type of anaesthetic and the way people come through the anaesthetics. They are much safer and they wake up much better after an anaesthetic. And I think there’s really no limit, if you like, and I think a procedure that takes between three and five hours is still possible for the patient to feel well after the operation. Just this week, I’ve done a young woman who’s done a breast augmentation, a tummy tuck with liposuction around her tummy and liposuction on her outer thighs. That took 3 ½ hours and yes, she’s come through it really well. That is becoming more common. I hate the term “mummy makeover” however it’s that rejuvenation of a woman’s body back to how she used to be. And often, particularly because these are often professional woman, financially independent, and they want it with minimal downtime; so I think if we can provide this service, and it’s safe, then I’m very happy to do it.

PSH: Fantastic. Well, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today.

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