Melissa’s Full Mummy Makeover Patient Story

Melissa'a Mummy Makeover

When we have children our bodies change. Except for those few lucky ones who bounce back straight away, the majority of us find that for one reason or another, our bodies are different to what they were before kids. A lot of the time, our partners and/or family support us and don’t really think we have anything to worry about, which was certainly the case in Melissa’s instance, but we usually want to make a change back to the way we were for ourselves; for our own self-esteem; for our own happiness and self-worth. After all, if you have kids you’ll know that all of a sudden not much at all is about YOU anymore, it’s about THEM! Which is wonderful and all that, but there comes a time when you want to reclaim your life, or at least your body!

We came across Melissa on one of our Facebook support groups, and were so impressed by her transformation we asked her to share her story.

Melissa after her Mummy Makeover
Melissa after her Mummy Makeover

Melissa became a mum at a very young age. When she was pregnant she developed gestational diabetes. This is more common that what you think. It is estimated that gestational diabetes occurs in between 10 to 20% of pregnancies and this number is increasing. Most of the time it disappears after the birth of the baby, but can cause issues during pregnancy. Melissa elaborates, “My gestational diabetes made my son grow at a rapid rate and my own weight gain got out of control. After delivering him 9 years ago, I was left with hanging skin and saggy breasts. I grew super self-conscious and I let myself go for many years. Clothes didn’t fit me right. I had to constantly worry about certain materials clinging to my belly and my bras were easily stretched and ruined from too much swooping and scooping. I knew right away that I would want corrective surgery as soon as my family was complete”.

Waiting until you finish having children is a really smart idea. If you have surgery after having one child, you run the risk of undoing any good the surgery may have had and you might end up wishing you could do it again after a second, and subsequent children. So, when Melissa got to the point of being ready, what surgery did she have? “I had a “mummy makeover“, which included a full tummy tuck with abdominal muscle repair, lipo (liposuction) of the flanks and bra roll and a breast lift with 600cc implants. I went to 11 consultations before choosing the right doctor for my procedures. The procedure itself took approximately 5 hours.”

Wow, 11 consultations! We always encourage you to consult with at least two doctors to ensure you have a comparison and are happy that your choice of surgeon is right for you and what you want. However, we certainly realise it may take more than two to find the surgeon you feel entirely comfortable with. So, after all that research and searching, did Melissa finally choose the right surgeon for her? “My surgery went flawlessly! For the most part, my recovery was also fairly easy. The only issue I have had during recovery is splitting stitches. I have split 32 stitches now and counting!”

Melissa - before and after her Mummy Makeover
Melissa – before & after her Mummy Makeover

We hear this time and time again. If you put in the time and effort to find the right surgeon for you, the surgery journey will be so much easier. So, is there anything Melissa would have done differently or is there any advice she has for anyone looking to undergo a similar procedure? “I don’t think I would have done anything differently. My experience was an extremely positive and pleasing one. The only advice I have is to choose your surgeon wisely. Take your time and get to know each surgeon and their techniques and track records. I also suggest having full time help for 1-2 weeks during the post operative period. Without the support and hard work of my husband, I don’t know what I would have done!”

Support is an integral part of your recovery process, especially if you have young children. Making sure your husband/partner/friend/support person is there for you can make all the difference between a positive experience and a negative one, and can reduce the recovery time exponentially. It is also essential you ask any surgeon you consult with what they provide in the way of post-operative care. Whilst Australian surgeons tend to generally be really good with after surgery care, it is still important to make sure you will have access to your surgeon for any questions you may have, in the case of concern over complications or even just to give you peace of mind when you are not sure if something is the way it should be. Find out if they will be away after surgery, and if so, who is the person you can contact with any issues or problems you have. Melissa said “Not only did my results exceed my expectations, but Doctor has been the most gracious caretaker postoperatively as well. He responds to every text message and phone call immediately and has seen me every time I’ve had even a small concern or issue.”

What about the actual physical recovery like? Truthfully?! Melissa says, “Recovery was rough. The first 7-10 days were extremely uncomfortable. But after that small period of time, I slowly started to feel back to normal.”

Melissa after her Mummy Makeover
Melissa after her Mummy Makeover

We asked Melissa how she feels now in comparison to how she felt before her surgery, and if she feels she got the results she was after? “I am now 7 weeks post-op. My results are better than what I thought any surgeon could help me to achieve. I truly couldn’t have asked for anything more! I feel and look happier and healthier!”

Statistics show that once someone has one plastic surgery procedure or experience they are more likely to want to undergo more. So is this the case for Melissa? “I may be going back for larger implants in the future. I have a very wide rib cage so my 600ccs don’t look all that big on my body.”

The office staff at the hub huddled around the pics of Melissa; we think they look fantastic. And seriously wouldn’t change a thing! She looks awesome and can’t imagine she doesn’t think any difficult parts of the process far outweigh the positives she has to see when she looks in the mirror. We wondered what Melissa’s family thinks about her gorgeous new self!? “Everyone around me was supportive for the most part. This was an inner battle I have struggled with for nearly a decade. Like most people, I was told I was perfect the way I was. I did this for me though, and they all supported and loved me through it!”

Thanks so much for sharing your story Melissa.

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