Vanessa’s Mummy Makeover Patient Story with Dr Mark Hanikeri – Abdominal Muscle Repair

Vanessa's Mummy Makeover - mummy makeover patient story
Dr Mark Hanikeri - mummy makeover patient story
Dr Mark Hanikeri

It’s the age old issue… when most women have children, more often than not, our bodies lose their shape and “perkiness”. Whilst it’s nothing to be ashamed of, many of us dream of getting back to our former glory, or at least getting close, and sometimes we need a bit of a helping hand. Vanessa, with the help of Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Mark Hanikeri from Subiaco in WA, achieved awesome results that any of you even considering one or more of the mummy makeover procedures should read and see.

Vanessa says that after having her four beautiful children her body was desperate for some help, including muscle repair. Her family GP referred her to Dr Hanikeri. Vanessa says, “Dr Hanikeri was very open and honest, and made me feel very safe from the beginning. He was continually happy to answer any questions that I would think of. I was extremely confident and knew I was in good hands.” After her first consultation it was agreed she should return in a few months time when she’d reached her goal weight which would improve the overall final outcome.

This is an important part of choosing your surgeon. It’s essential that you feel comfortable with the surgeon you choose and feel like they understand you and your goals. Vanessa says that Dr Hanikeri didn’t rush or pressure her at all and she felt that he really cared about her outcome.

After spending a few months working hard to reach her goal weight, Vanessa returned to Dr Hanikeri who rechecked her measurements. It’s always recommended to have any plastic surgery such as abdominoplasty when you are at or close to your goal weight. “We discussed and went through everything again thoroughly with no pressure or hurry. We then booked in a date for my surgery and it all became very exciting.”

Vanessa says Dr Hanikeri’s staff were wonderful. “While booking the surgery and going through the paperwork, Dr Hanikeri’s secretaries were amazing and very helpful. They corresponded with me often, and kept me informed on all the information I needed. Their knowledge of the procedures and what I was required to do for all my paperwork was terrific.”

Vanessa says the day of her surgery came and it all went very smoothly. “I had a breast lift, augmentation and abdominoplasty. Dr Hanikeri came to see me before the operation along with his lovely anaesthetist he was working with. I felt very safe and comfortable with them.
The operation went amazing and my recovery also. Dr Hanikeri visited every day whilst I was in hospital to see how I was going and recovering.”
Vanessa says both she and Dr Hanikeri were extremely happy with the results straight away.

One of the important parts of any plastic surgery procedure process is the period of time after the surgery. Vanessa says her after care was “…outstanding. I had my stitches and wound checked once a week for the first few weeks. Also Dr Hanikeri checked everything and made sure it was all healing nicely. I couldn’t be happier with how it has all healed.”

So, how is Vanessa going and how does she feel about her body now? “I am only Week 6 after the surgery and feeling amazing. The scars are looking great and I am recovering very well. We cannot thank Dr Hanikeri and his staff enough. They have made the whole procedure a breeze. I would highly recommend Dr Hanikeri to anyone considering similar surgeries. He is highly skilled and absolutely amazing at what he does. Thank you so very much.”

We agree that Vanessa looks amazing – her photos are a testament to that!

Childbirth can do all sorts of things to a woman’s body and often, natural dieting and exercise just won’t cut it. Muscle repair in the tummy is often a part of this, which is why the Medicare Item Number is so important.

Thanks to Vanessa for sharing her wonderful story! If you’d like more information on Dr Hanikeri click here.