Meet Plastic Surgeon Dr Lisa Frederich – A Woman’s Touch

Lisa Friederich - A woman's touch

A Woman’s Touch

I remember reading a New York Times article a few years ago about a woman who was looking to receive breast reduction surgery from a woman’s touch. This woman had gone from plastic surgeon to plastic surgeon, all male, who gave her reason after reason why didn’t need, or truly want, the surgery. After a long search, she finally found a female plastic surgeon who understood her needs as a woman and completed the surgery for her.

While male doctors can study anatomy and medicine in books, there will always be an unseen barrier for men into the true understanding of what makes a woman tick. Women seeking plastic surgery sometimes might feel more comfortable with someone who not only understands the anatomical makeup of women, but the emotional, mental, and physical attributes that go along with that. Whilst here in Australia we have some truly amazing surgeons both male and female, every now and then there’s a patient who might just prefer a female surgeon.

The Breakdown

It is estimated that for every 1 female there are 9 male plastic surgeons worldwide. A closer look here at home in Australia reveals that only 12.5% of plastic and reconstructive surgery practitioners are female. Ironic that in an industry driven by a majority female clientele, men make up the largest percentage of practitioners.

Understanding your needs

Plastic surgery isn’t just cosmetic. Plastic surgery is about feeling comfortable in your own body. That ability to feel comfortable in your body is part of a true holistic health.

As a woman, who better to understand and service your cosmetic surgery needs than another woman?

Lisa Friederich is part of the small but powerful minority of female plastic surgeons. An Australian native from Perth, Dr Friederich brings not just a female to female understanding and knowledge of the body but she also brings a long and credentialed history in plastic surgery training. Dr Friederich is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and an active member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr Friederich began has been training in the medical field for 16 years in multiple facets of the industry.

Extensive List of Surgeries

Below is an extensive list of the surgeries that Dr Friederich provides.

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