Why I removed my breast implants after 27 years

Jen's breast implant removal

Lately, there’s been a lot of media attention on women removing their implants. There are various reasons as to why they are being removed, and whilst it’s a deeply personal thing, Jennifer wanted to share her story with us all so that any of you out there considering having the procedure to remove your implants know you are not alone. Here she shares “why I removed my breast implants after 27 years”.

“My name is Jennifer. I’m 58 and I have had breast implants for 27 years. I got them in about 1990 while living in LA. Back then, in LA, it was the thing to do! They did not tell you the implants might have a shelf life – they would more or less say that they would last forever. I know ladies who got them back then too and they all said the same thing – we thought they lasted forever. I think I was very young, and did it more for my husband than myself (big mistake!). I have actually really not liked them for a long time. I have found nothing fits; my bras are huge and Nana like… btw, I was an E/F bust size and a 8/10 dress size,so it was a nightmare getting swimsuits, dresses, anything really. No matter what I wore I looked like I was on show. Maybe it was ok when I was younger… I was a wild rock chick lol.

Moving forward, I moved back to Australia and was teaching Yoga for about 20 years, and wow they were really in the way then haha. Busting out of my yoga tops… not to mention how the actual idea of them did not belong in the yoga world. Then I became a Marriage celebrant who just wanted to blend into the background. Well, I found that really hard with massive boobs; and I couldn’t wear the clothes I wanted to.

I had a couple of consults with doctors and surgeons about explanting but did not feel right about it. I really didn’t know where to turn. I knew my friend Trish was with Plastic Surgery Hub. Trish was amazing. She sent me a list of some Queensland Plastic Surgeons to research. On PSH there’s blogs, real stories… great research tools. Dr Justin Perron stood out for me. I made an appointment, and am so happy I did.

I was amazed with Justin – the amount of time he took with me in the consult and the understanding he showed was just what I needed. I was really scared, and I didn’t know what they would look like after 28 years of implants! I booked the following month to have the implants removed, and a lift. Justin told me I would be a full B or small C. A dream come true – just as I was before implants.

Jen's breast implant removal - before & after

On the 23 February 2017 Justin removed my implants. I arrived at hospital at 11am as an outpatient, it was day surgery. I was home that evening and could barely sleep I was on such a high. I think because I’d slept so much during and after surgery sleep eluded me. During the surgery, Dr Perron found they were so badly ruptured that you could not tell what they were (that’s why the surgery took way longer than we thought it would). This does not show up on mammograms – well, it didn’t on any of mine… The awful thing was I had been feeling ‘weird’ about my implants for ages… like something just wasn’t right. I couldn’t pinpoint anything, just something was not right.

Now my implants are out, I’m only 3 weeks post op, and already I feel amazing and they look amazing. I really am so happy. I feel I can move forward with my life as it should be. Thankyou Trish Hammond and Plastic Surgery Hub, and a big thank you to Dr Perron and his team at Form & Function Clinic in Brisbane.

Cheers, Jennifer”

We’d like to thank Jen for sharing her story. If you’re thinking about getting your implants removed and would like more info or support email us at [email protected]. If you’d like more info about Dr Justin Perron check out his listing or check out the blogs below:

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