Breast Implant Revision Patient Consultation with Dr Justin Perron

My consult with Dr Justin Perron

Breast Implant Revision Consultation for a 58 year old woman and have had breast implants for 28 years. I lived in Los Angeles during the eighties and nineties and my style of life was different then. In those days, it was the thing to do, to get breast implants, even though I didn’t need them! I was a full B cup or C cup to begin with.

My consult with Dr Justin Perron - Breast Implant Revision ConsultationOver the years I’ve never had any trouble with my implants (which were under the muscle texturised silicone), but I had noticed they just started to not look as good as I remembered them being. Plus, they’re just not me anymore – they are who I was in the 80’s and 90’s, but they are not part of me anymore, and they feel like they don’t belong. Nowadays I am a yoga teacher and a marriage celebrant, and really I can’t wait to get these old implants removed and start to just be me again. I don’t want the attention that big breasts attract anymore.

I’m a member of the Plastic Surgery Hub Community, so I’ve spent the last few months doing my research regarding which doctor I was going to see that would be right for me. I want to thank the PSH team for holding my hand through this journey. The doctor that I have chosen to do my surgery is Dr Justin Perron from Form & Function Clinic in Brisbane.

My consult with Dr Justin Perron - Breast Implant Revision ConsultationToday I had my first consultation with Dr Perron. He did not rush me through the consultation process. He took a lot of time with me; we went over things a lot of times, and he gave me the time to make the right decision. I think if I didn’t have the time that he gave me I might have chosen breast implants again. But, I’ve decided to go without them and just have a lift and I’m so excited – I can’t wait. Dr Perron and Plastic Surgery Hub are very friendly and they make you feel really comfortable with the whole process.

I’m waiting to hear back from Dr Perron’s office so that I can schedule in a date for my breast lift and implant removal surgery.

I wanted to share this story because I think there’s a lot of people out there in the same boat as me where they had implants years ago and are now ready to have them taken out. I will share my journey as it progresses so that others can make informed decisions if they’re in the same or similar position as me.

Thanks Dr Perron, I’m so glad I met you!


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