Karen’s Breast Reduction Patient Story with Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery

Karen's Breast Reduction - Karens breast burden

For many women, it’s a dream or desire to have bigger breasts. Whether it is to fill out bras or clothes better and have that cleavage that makes us feel more womanly or to attract the guys. However, for many other women, they have the completely opposite issue. Their breasts are too large and cause all sorts of issues that can be debilitating and affect their life to the point where they are revolving their physical activities and capabilities around managing the pain and burden.

Karen was one of those women with the second issue – and the other women in her family were the same. They had all inherited extra large breasts, and with it came a whole range of physical problems that made Karen’s everyday life a struggle. “I had back problems, constant headaches and neck pain. Because of the chronic pain, I couldn’t stand up for too long, so I spent my life looking for the next place to sit down.”

We ask Karen what finally prompted her to get her breast reduction. “My sister and niece had had it done years ago. For me, it was a matter of waiting until I was financial. I went private so it took a bit of time to be in a position to be able to afford the surgery.”

One of the biggest decisions that anyone has looking at having any sort of plastic surgery, and indeed is the reason why we created the Hub, is choosing the surgeon and where you will have the surgery. Finding a doctor you feel comfortable with, and know is going to do a great job with your procedure, is often quite scary. However, Karen says she knew straight away which surgeon would perform her procedure. “I went to Coco Ruby PLastic Surgery in Hawthorn. I felt because they dealt with so many women with so many different issues, they would have the experience and reputation to do right by me. I consulted with them, and from my very first appointment my plastic surgeon gave me his personal mobile and said I could phone him “any time”! Not that I ever had to use it, but I just thought that was such an approachable and caring thing to do. From that first meeting, right through to the actual procedure and recovery afterwards, he was caring, genuine, completely professional yet warm, and I felt I was in good hands. Everything went smoothly. Although, I had to have an extra cardiologist surgeon in the room during the procedure because of my heart condition, but everything was organised and easy from my point of view.”

For those of us that have never had to imagine what it’s like living with breasts that are too large, here are some of the issues arising from the condition:

  • Weight – often the weight of the breasts is so heavy it can add up to an extra 10 kilograms to your overall body weight. Imagine having 10kg hooked to your front day in and day out. It is this weight that causes other issues to arise. Indeed, in Karen’s case, she had 3.5kg of weight removed from her breasts to go from a size H to a DD.
  • Back, shoulder and neck pain – because of the extra weight on your front it causes extra strain on your back and neck to stand up straight, move around, do physical activities, sleep in certain positions and basically any movement whatsoever.
  • Headaches – the strain on the neck and back can be so bad it can cause debilitating headaches, which was certainly the case in Karen’s situation.
  • Chafing and Rashes – the weight and positioning of the breasts often means the breasts are rubbing against your skin so not only can you get chafing but heat rashes as well.
  • Emotional issues such as embarrassment, self-consciousness, not willing to wear swimwear, etc. Unwanted attention from men and strangers is often a daily occurrence and can often lead to less motivation or willingness to participate social outings or gatherings.

Karens breast burden

Karen says her bi-lateral breast reduction was a “life changer”. She says her headaches, back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain have all but disappeared. She can wear things she would never dream of wearing before, and feels so much lighter and mobile.

So, how was Karen’s recovery? “I had my surgery at 7am, it was done by 9am; I woke up at 1pm to have lunch, talked to staff. I had no pain whatsoever. I had plenty of pain medication. I think the technique my plastic surgeon employed for the reduction… I had no anchor, just incisions around the nipple and straight down meant that there were less muscles involved in the operation, which always means less pain and better recovery.

“I knew what to expect throughout the whole process. He went through everything before the surgery and was there to answer any questions whenever I needed. I also had a patient liaison officer, who was also fantastic and made sure I was taken care of.”

Karen tells us that Bio oil has helped her scars to heal quite well, and although she had extended leave off work to focus on her journey, she has not looked back and she is excited about living her life free from the burden she felt up to this point. She wants us to specifically mention how wonderful the experience was and which made her journey so stress free and successful.

We agree with Karen. Finding the right surgeon to perform your surgery can make the difference between a successful surgery and an unsuccessful one. Different surgeons might be better for different surgeries, and indeed different people. Do your research, consult with at least two different surgeons and make an informed decision.

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