Tracey’s Massive Weight Loss and Skin Reduction Body Lift with Dr Jeremy Hunt

Tracey's Story

Tracey’s weight loss story as she lost over 100kg after her gastric sleeve surgery in 2012 but was left with almost 10kg of excess skin on her body. Tracey did not look good or feel good, and not only that, it was becoming painful. So, after a lot of research on surgeons and procedures, she booked in with Dr Jeremy Hunt at Edgecliff, NSW.

Tracey had a 360 degree body lift, arm lift, thigh lift, breast implants and reshaping, as well as a vertical tummy tuck. Done over three major surgeries, each three months apart, Tracey says her energy and self esteem are so much higher now. She is able to enjoy shopping for clothes and just being outside and living life. She can do so many more things since her transformation. She says, “I ride a motorcycle, I scuba dive and I have also travelled overseas. All thing I was too scared or embarrassed to do before my surgery.”

Tracey says she did not go into the process lightly. “I studied many surgeons and met with a few. The main thing I looked for was the way the surgeon made me feel and I also studied their results. Anyone can say they can do something but to actually see the results and be able to talk to real patients or see the before and afters is really helpful. For all my plastic surgery I went with Dr Jeremy Hunt. Dr Hunt and his team were absolutely fantastic. They always kept me well informed and made me a part of the decision process and really made me feel like I was in control. They were professional but also friendly. Dr Hunt instantly made me feel comfortable and i trusted him completely to tailor my birthday suit so that it would fit again.” We love this! If only we all felt comfortable in our birthday suits!!

Choosing your surgeon is so important. With the risk of sounding like we’re on repeat, finding a surgeon who you feel comfortable and confident with, and you feel as though they understand exactly what results you want, cannot be underestimated. So many patients choose a surgeon based on the price they will do a procedure for, instead of the one that’s going to the right job. As Tracey says, “My advice is to really study for your surgeon – do not settle for what is cheap but for who has the best results. You are having major surgery that if done right has absolutely amazing and life altering effects in the most positive way.”

Tracey before & after

Traceys Weight Loss Surgery Story

Tracey’s surgery went smoothly. She says there was some discomfort after the surgeries, but only what was expected. Tracey had done her research and had prepared for the recovery process. She has great advice. “Listen to your body. It has unique ways of telling you what it needs to heal you faster. Everyone is different and everyone will have a slightly different experience. For me, considering all that I put my body through, my recovery was quick. I was given very realistic expectations and knew that I was going to be in some pain and have limited movements until things started to settle down and heal. My advice is to let your body heal. Don’t push yourself too much but movements and continuing on with as much as your normal routine as possible will make things go a lot faster.”

Traceys Weight Loss Surgery Story Tracey is right. You need to remember to have realistic expectations. Recovery is such an essential part of the process, and being prepared can really affect your end result.

Tracey is fully healed and actually has much more minimal scarring to what she was expecting. She has faint scars along both her arms and thighs, down the middle of her stomach and the full circumference of her body. She also has scars under her breasts and around her nipples. However, Tracey tells us they are all barely noticeable and she has full movement and no pain or discomfort resulting from her surgeries.

Scarring is another thing to consider when researching your surgeon. It’s one of the questions you want to ask your surgeon when you have your first consult with them. Different techniques will often give different results for scarring and ensuring you have an experienced and well-respected surgeon will go a long way to reducing the appearance of scarring. Dr Jeremy Hunt has excellent results and a great reputation when it comes to minimising scarring and we are not surprised Tracey is really happy with her results.

Traceys Weight Loss Surgery Story

Tracey says her family and friends were all shocked and surprised in a good way about how much she had changed. “Some of my extended family barely even recognised me at first but all of them are just relieved that I am happy and healthy and have supported me all the way. Having that support system was really essential to my recovery.”

Traceys Weight Loss Surgery Story

“I love how I can finally be me. I am no longer hiding or having my size or excess skin dictate what I can or should be doing.”

For those of you who needed motivation to make the change to better your life, this has got to be it. We think Tracey looks amazing and thank her for sharing her story with us and giving inspiration to those of us who need it!

If you’d like more information on Dr Jeremy Hunt check out his listing, read his bio, or to arrange a consultation give him a call on 02 9327 1733.

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