Alison’s Breast Augmentation Patient Story

Alison - Breast Augmentation - Real Story

Alison’s Story – Breast Augmentation Patient Story

“I have to say that it was one of the best decisions of my life”

My name is Alison and I am 38 years old. When I was younger I was always proud of my breasts, even though they were only a B cup. They were full and sat fairly high on my chest, so I didn’t feel the need for breast augmentation. When we had our three children I wanted to breastfeed them because I felt that this would give them the best start in life. I also enjoyed breastfeeding the kids but over a four year period it did affect the shape of my breasts.

Once I’d finished breastfeeding all of the kids my breasts were no longer as full as they had been and I felt that I couldn’t wear the kind of clothes that I used to. I found that I became a little more withdrawn and self- conscious about my body. I had previously had no problems parading around naked in front of my husband George, but now I was tending to try and dress and undress without him seeing me.

To get some advice and support I spoke to a couple of girlfriends who I knew had considered breast surgery. They told me that if I was thinking of having any surgery done I needed to make sure that I was doing it for myself and not just to please George. My friend Kelly also suggested that I should book an initial consultation with the man who had been her surgeon so that he could answer any questions I might have. I talked to George about how I was feeling and he said that if it was something which I was sure that I wanted, then he would back me all the way.

I visited a surgeon to discuss what I wanted to have done. Before I booked my initial consult, I researched to make sure that he was a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (FRACS). At my consult I was really pleased with how thorough he was in explaining the various procedures available to me. He agreed with me that it would make sense to go to maybe a C cup, as I am still fairly slim and did not want to look out of proportion. We agreed that implants were the way forward and that it wasn’t necessary to have an uplift at the same time.

The surgeon also explained to me about the various risks that were present with any sort of surgery and I felt that he went out of his way to make sure that I fully understood what I was heading for with breast augmentation. He had carried out almost three hundred augmentation procedures previously and I felt safe in the knowledge that he was not only competent, but also trustworthy. He had pictures of women who had breast augmentation to show me, together with size options best suited to me and my liking. I ended up deciding on 350cc high profile implants.

I agreed with the surgeon that I would think things over for a little while before making my final decision and I called him two weeks later to book the procedure. That was six months ago now and I have to say that it was one of the best decisions of my life. I feel that I have my ‘mojo’ back and George has the wife he used to have.

So Happy 🙂

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