Uti – Breast Augmentation – Real Story

Uti's Breast Augmentation

“It’s a radical thing to do so think about it before you go under the knife.”

Uti decided to have breast augmentation surgery because she decided to go to Japan and work as an exotic stripper. It was great money and allowed her to buy a property once she moved back to Australia.

So it was important for Uti to look great in the nude and feel confident about her body to assure her work wasn’t affected.

She had her first surgery in 1996 and her second one in 2008.

She remembers the worst thing that’s happened to her after her first surgery was her left breast implant started encapsulating.

She accredits this to the fact that she failed to massage her left breast as well as the right breast.

When a capsular contracture occurs it is usually due to an increased production of collagen in your breast, which can be triggered by low-virulent bacteria or a lack of massaging.

On the upside: the best thing that’s happened for Uti is she now feels she looks better in clothes. Uti always had a great figure, but she didn’t have boobs to match her figure before her surgery. And as you can imagine, this affected the way she felt about her body.

With her new boobs everything looks right and they compliment her great figure rather than making her feel self-conscious about them.

Uti paid $5,000 for her first surgery. She was referred to the surgeon by her GP after consulting him to get a boob job. She got two referrals from her GP.

She rang both offices and spoke to the receptionist in each practice and ended up choosing the one with the better manners and approach.

Her first surgeon was male.

What’s interesting to note here is that her surgeon was really polite at first. He took a lot of interest in making her feel comfortable and explaining the process in detail until Uti transferred the money into his account.

His whole manner changed perceptibly after that and he ended up being cold, rude and short mannered.

On reflection Uti said, “He did a reasonably good job overall.”

She was a B-Cup before having her first mammoplasty surgery.

She got her first boob job done in December 1996. Then after 11 years she had an ultrasound and found out her left breast implant had ruptured. So in 2008 she had a second breast augmentation surgery.

Uti ended up being a C-cup after her first surgery and a D-Cup after her second surgery. And the reason she went for D is because her natural breast tissue was rotting and so she needed to opt for a larger implant because her nipples needed to be cut out and transplanted and the larger size (the extra cup size made up for the loss of tissue).

At first she wasn’t happy with her size. But after having had her second surgery she feels it made sense because the surgeon had to remove and transplant her nipples. So now she knows going the extra size was a smart decision.

She was also very happy with her second surgeon, a woman, because she was taken care of and looked after really well.

What she really loved about her service is the fact she didn’t go cold on her. She had a caring manner and felt she had much better bedside manners.

If given the choice to do it again Uti said, “Yes.” But she recommends people think about it before they decide.

She recovered faster after the second surgery. The first one took a little longer (she had underarm surgery). She remembers having to take time off from work.

“You have to take it easy for two weeks and spend the time recuperating to give the body time to heal.”

She stressed, “You have to take it easy for two weeks and spend the time recuperating to give the body time to heal.”

Uti would have liked to know how painful the under armpit procedure would be as no one told her about it. She had smooth PIP silicone gel implants both times. Note: PIP has received negative press in recent years and as far as we’re concerned these are now banned.

Uti has minor scarring underneath each armpit and underneath the breasts but it’s very minimal.

Nothing went wrong during both her breast augmentation surgeries.

Uti feels very strong about young adults wanting breast surgery. She sees a lot of young women between 18 and 25 who have beautiful perky and creamy breasts and want to have breast surgery to get bigger boobs while their bodies are still growing.

Uti thinks this is madness. She did hers for professional reasons. And by the time she had her first surgery she had already breast-fed her children and was 32.

She said, “It’s a radical thing to do so think about it before you go under the knife.”

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