Dr Nicholas Moncrieff Breast Reduction Results – Erin’s Story

Dr Nicholas Moncrieff

Hi I’m Erin, I’m 24 years old, I’m a lawyer in the Hunter Valley, and having a breast reduction has been a life changing decision for me.

Why did you have the surgery?

I wanted to have the surgery because I was a G cup at the age of 20 years old. And with such a small and petite frame, it really made me look out of proportion. And it hindered my self-confidence a lot.

What was the recovery like?

The recovery was quite easy and comfortable. I probably had maybe 2 weeks off work, but again I’m in a profession where I could do light duties. I didn’t feel a lot of pain actually, it was more a little bit of the discomfort in laying on your back for such a long period of time.

How do you feel about your results?

I’m stoked with my results, this was definitely the best decision I have made of my life so far, it’s made me feel so much for comfortable in my own body and I think it’s a really important thing for men and women to feel 100% confident in their own body and in themselves.

Why is confidence important to you?

Because once you feel confident in your own skin that sends off positive vibes to everybody else in a public setting, and I work in such a setting where again confidence is the main thing. I have to have 100% confidence in myself so I can sell my job and what I’m doing to my incoming clients.

How has surgery impacted your confidence?

I feel a 100% more confident in my own skin in my own body. I feel more confident to be able to wear different clothing and be able to go into a shop and buy off the rack – which I could never do before.

How did you research surgery?

The research was the most important thing to me when making this decision. I actually researched this procedure quite a lot before I had the confidence to book my consultations. The research component involved public opinion, the different review from the patients, and really getting the understanding of what the difference was between a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon.

Why does it matter that you chose a Plastic Surgeon?

So it’s really important when you choose a plastic surgeon because of the different qualifications they have.

What was Dr Moncrieff like?

Dr Moncrieff himself and his team made me feel 100% confident in my body the way it was, and even said that my body was fantastic the way it was, but he understood and his team understood this was such a life changing decision for me especially at such a young age. And he made me feel completely confident in the decision that I was making. And because of the way I felt in that consultation I went out and straight away cancelled the two other appointments I had with other plastic surgeons in the area, and booked my surgery which was 2 weeks later.

What was the team like?

It’s not just about going and having the surgery but it’s about how you’re treated after having the surgery as well.


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