Lauren’s Breast Implant Replacement Patient Story

Breast Implant Removal and Replacement

Meet Lauren, an employee of Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery who is 34 years of age. With her previous breasts feeling and looking uneven with a hardening on one side after previous implants 10 years ago, Lauren started looking into the possibility of replacement of her breast implants. After spending a considerable amount of time thinking and rethinking, she settled on the surgery after having an MRI.

Breast Implant Removal Replacement
Lauren is so happy with her new and improved implants

Lauren talked about her experience, how she decided on going through with surgery for a second time, and why she’s happy to share her experience with you.

What did you think about plastic surgery before having a treatment?

I had implants in my early 20s after being flat-chested my whole life. I’ve always seen Plastic Surgery as a way to enhance yourself, not to completely change who you are. Since working in the industry for a couple of years I’ve come to see that surgery really helps people’s confidence and body language, their personality, etc. I love being a person to help people with their needs and wants and seeing them after surgery is so rewarding.

How important was research and what were you looking for?

Research for me was a little different as I work with a group of great surgeons. I can see “before and afters” in real life every other day of the week. After working directly with a plastic surgeon and seeing his work on patients who had the same thing I wanted, I felt comfortable in deciding to have him as my surgeon. This is a procedure he performs regularly with great results.

Breast Implants Removal and Replacement
Lauren’s mark up before her removal and replacement surgery

What did your friends and family think?

Some of my friends really understood it and some thought ‘Why are you having surgery again? I’m very lucky I had the support of my family and my colleagues and workplace so I felt good about it.

At the end of the day people can’t tell you how to feel about yourself and it’s your decision either way. Having support is the main thing. If other people don’t want surgery that’s totally fine, I won’t judge them so I think it’s important to have people who won’t judge you either.

Why do you feel it’s important to share your experience?

I think the value about sharing my experience is to help people understand that surgery isn’t for the rich and famous anymore, it is a mainstream acceptable thing to do. All in moderation is the key. I work with great surgeons and other staff to encourage people to do what’s right and not go too far with anything so I’m confident to talk about my experience to patients and even show them if I have to! I think it’s good to be able to have a patient who is relatable and real, I can now be that person for some of our patients.

I was so excited when I got the procedure that I felt like it was part of the procedure to share it with anyone and everyone who wanted to know anything. People need to see that surgery can be a positive thing and can change the way you feel about you, no one can put a price on that feeling.

Was it worth it?

100% YYYAASSSS!!!!!! It was definitely easier the second time around as I knew what to half expect and because I’d had implants before I didn’t have the stretching feeling like I did the first time. The staff made me feel so good within my company and the hospital. My colleagues came to see me at home when I was discharged and I got the same treatment as any patient would. We always advise any potential patient of all the information we can provide and encourage research and even coming along to a free event night which we host monthly, just to get a feeling about our Practice and a chance to talk to staff members and see our surgeons in the flesh. It’s a personal way to get a feeling about us rather than doing everything online. Surgical and non-surgical procedures are like that pair of shoes you want and can’t stop thinking about – JUST GET THE SHOES LIFE’S TOO SHORT.

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