X – Yvette’s Breast Augmentation Patient Story

Yvette's Breast Augmentation

“Yes, I would definitely go back and do it again.  When I need a reconstruction I will go back to the same doctor again too”.

Yvette is a young at heart person and decided to have a Breast Augmentation because breast-feeding her son “sucked the life out of her breasts” and made them sag.

She became increasingly self-conscious about her boobs, and went as far as covering them up with her arms every time she sat down to avoid feeling embarrassed.

Breast-feeding saw Yvette losing her breast tissue and her plumpness. This is a common occurrence with many mothers and nothing to be ashamed of. Upon consulting a surgeon, he advised her to see it as breast reconstruction surgery to help with the mental stress.

She’s had her breast augmentation surgery on the Gold Coast.

Yvette cannot remember anything negative about her surgery. She was fine throughout and took painkillers for about four days afterwards while she relaxed and enjoyed a week off work.

She was really happy with the initial consultations, the procedure and the follow up.

The best thing for Yvette about having had the surgery is being able to wear clothes properly and feeling as if her body is finally in proportion again. She no longer feels ashamed or self-conscious about her boobs.

She’s proud of them and happy with the results. She also gained increased confidence from having had the surgery.

She did the surgery about 10 years ago and paid around $7,500.

Since Yvette had her surgery done she’s referred three or four of her girlfriends to the same surgeon too.

She was incredibly happy because the surgeon was very professional. She even described him as being a perfectionist. She was advised to get different cup sizes for each of her breasts because of the way they had lost their plumpness after breast-feeding.

Yvette was impressed by the fact her surgeon actually saw this with his naked eye.

Consequently he filled one breast with 410cc and the other with 380cc of silicone.

He then cut a mole out of her breast to hide any potential scarring.

She was an A cup before surgery and now she is a D cup. Yvette has broad shoulders and is very tall so her new breasts look perfectly natural.

Her surgeon advised her on the final size and made the decision for her. He advised her to go a size larger than she wanted to match her natural body shape. He also showed her examples so she was comfortable about her choice.

“Yes, I would definitely go back and do it again.  When I need a reconstruction I will go back to the same doctor again too”.

Upon asked whether she would do it again, she said, “Yes, I would definitely go back and do it again.  When I need a reconstruction I will go back to the same doctor again too”.

Yvette mentioned statistics and that most women who had mammoplasty would eventually go back between the age of 50 and 60 to do a reconstruction.

It took Yvette a week to recover after the surgery. Meanwhile her boyfriend looked after her and brought her cups of tea.

“You should fondle and play with them all the time.”

Yvette wants to stress the importance of “always massaging your breasts”. She said, “You should fondle and play with them all the time.”

Yvette experienced the negative side of having breast surgery first hand when she grew up: her mother had breast surgery when she was a child and then failed to massage her breasts, even though she was advised to do so. This resulted in her mum ending up with “two rocks” as Yvette calls it. Her boobs simply hardened and became a nuisance for her mum.

Her mother’s experience made Yvette more determined to keep massaging them (as is recommended by surgeons) to drain the fluid and assist with keeping them supple and soft.

She feels your body will accept your new breasts better if you keep playing with your them for the first 18 months. Yvette said she even got so used to playing with her boobs she ended up doing it unconsciously during meetings at work until her boss pointed this out to her! How embarrassing! Thankfully he saw the humour in this too.

She’s gotten so used to fondling her breasts she is still doing it today. Consequently hers are the envy of all her girlfriends because the consistent massaging has actually helped keep them perk.

Yvette says everything falls into place when you treat them as real boobs. She says a lot of women believe they can do a quick massaging job in the shower and be done with it, but Yvette says this is not enough. She also stresses not to go overboard and “ram” them or be rough. “Just be gentle and keep them moving to avoid scarring.”

Another tip Yvette shared was to “make sure you have someone there to help you lift stuff.” So if you have a small child make sure you don’t go shopping or lifting anything for quite some time.

Most ruptures and scar tissue problems happen after lifting heavy stuff. So she says to stay away from lifting anything for about three weeks to assist the body’s natural healing process.

Another point Yvette made was to be aware of the loss of possible sensitivity in the nipples. She feels people need to be better advised about this upfront as some of her girlfriends apparently weren’t.

She’s chosen silicone implants.

Yvette has no scarring at all.

Nothing went wrong during the surgery. It was a lot less painful than she expected. She took the painkillers for the first few days after surgery to help control the pain levels.

Yvette feels having the surgery made her more feminine, confident and happier. She loves to finally be able to wear the tops, clothes and bras she likes, and has no regrets.

She stresses it’s important to do a breast augmentation for yourself and not for anyone else.

She is shocked at how many young teenage women talk about having the surgery and says,

Don’t rush into this until there’s a good enough reason. Let yourself grow and unless you have a really flat chest or there’s something wrong with it (i.e. having deformed breasts) don’t do it because your body will continue to develop in your twenties.”

This is sound advice from someone who has obviously done a lot of research into the topic and experienced the consequences first hand – the good and bad.

Author: +Trish Hammond

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